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The one in Hamburg is quite good. We bought the kids “save the chubby unicorns” sweatshirts (silhouette of a rhino) to wear back home. 😁

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Anything new happening here.. The Mrs is in town for a couple of nights and wanted to give her some suggestions


My GF always hits the The Green Flash - not sure about the food, but the setting is quintessential San Diego I'm told.

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So other than the tasting room at Green Flash, Point Loma Seafoods and Blue Water Grill, any other recentish SD recommendations? I have a work trip there later this week (don't be envious, highs of 77 in D.C. and 49 in SD on Saturday).

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Blue Water Grill actually does a nice job. It is a good beer town, food is overall rather mediocre from what I could see...but my time was very limited. The Green Flash brewery was too far away but the Ballast Point brewery is really fun.


San Diego is fricking gorgeous, cool evenings, warm days.

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I endorse Ironside.

Searsucker is objectively mediocre at best.

Born & Raised is a very Las Vegas steakhouse...with lots of tableside martini and manhattan carts and similar flourishes. Kind of fun, in small doses.

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