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The one in Hamburg is quite good. We bought the kids “save the chubby unicorns” sweatshirts (silhouette of a rhino) to wear back home. 😁

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Don’t know if we’ll get to Ironsides but Oscars was good. We went to Isola this evening for pizza and it was also pretty competent. The kids love a place called Breakfast Republic. Basically brunch from 7am to 3pm... say what you will about eggs and high margins, the food is not bad for what it is and after a morning of surfing we definitely needed the calories. Since there is a Din Tai Fung in the area we will be going there too. We already hit the one in Glendale. Interestingly the US locations seem to have a very limited menu, but we are trying to indoctrinate the kids early.


One thing we found by accident was a swanky movie theater called The Lot, in sort of an arts quarter located in a former army barracks. I definitely recommend the theater, which also serves cocktails and food (don’t think I could have sat through Lion King otherwise.)

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Following a precisely calibrated optimization of Eater 38 recommendations constrained by a distaste for freeways we ended up at The Fishery in Pacific Beach. It’s probably as good as Ironsides in terms of quality, less hip but a very thoughtfully put together wine list.


In Little Italy we had good gelato at the place in the food hall, and then tried a place called Crack Shack that seems to be building a chain of upscale fried chicken sandwiches. Of the many chicken nuggets my kids got on kids menus this week, these seemed the best. Sandwiches very tasty but American sized.


In-n-out lives up to the hype. Those 7th day Adventists make a quality burger.

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I enjoy going to zoos that focus on conservation while I am traveling on Tour. San Diego is my 2nd favorite. The only one I would consider better is the Columbus Zoo. For a belated 'big' birthday present, thanks to a friend being very good friends with Jack Hannah, I got to spend most of a day behind the scenes this past June. The best was interacting with some of the animals. Talking with their caretakers and vets one on one was incredible. They share animals with the San Diego Zoo. If you're ever in Columbus, Ohio, do not miss it (and yes, it is worth a special trip to Columbus otherwise). 


Also "Secrets of the Zoo" is a behinds the scenes show about the daily life at the zoo on the National Geographic Channel. Great show.

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Can't speak to the dining.  San Diego does have a big zoo.  It has a variety of museums in Balboa Park.  You can probably find music in the Gaslamp district (Jim Croce's widow used to have a place there).  The beaches in Coronado and La Jolla are beautiful.  The Hotel del Coronado is sort of kitchy-cool.  Weather should be inviting.

Given the selection of food available in NYC, I would think the most pleasurable experiences for you might be checking out some of the food trucks or taco stands.

If I were in San Diego now, I would be tempted to try Tuetano Taqueria in OldTown Urban Market.

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