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Last week, Norah Jones at the Hammersmith Apollo. I know, I know, and I was not sure why I'd booked even before it started. I mean, I've never bought the new album. But as I'm sure I bored everyone wi

Going to see the Finn brothers in Central Park this evening. I assumed it would have sold out, but I got a message pushing half price tickets which I couldn't resist. Think it will piss down?  

Saw the Cowboy Junkies again last night, in an ice cold Beacon Theater. They had to wind up a ninety minute set at 11pm - union rules - which is a pity, as I think the audience would have loved anoth

When son was into both punk and photography. Souixie and the Banchies, Beacon Theater, 1985.



Hah! Pretty sure I was at that show. If it was the one where she barely made eye contact with the audience and indulged in zero onstage patter. (Maybe that was all her shows.)

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Drive By Truckers' Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley playing acoustic in a friend of a friend's backyard for 150 people. A night I won't soon forget. 3 hours of alternating songs with many stories about the Truckers and Patterson and Cooley's relationship over their 33 years of playing together. Throw in their drinking several beers, 3/4 of a bottle of tequila from the bottle, rants about Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions and my friend who invited us winning the raffle which was a guitar signed by the two of them. Hard to go see anything else after this.

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I like house concerts. The artists are so much more at east, it makes for a great show. I frequent a few different places for these.


Though this one sounds larger than the ones I go to, which geneally top out at 80 - 100 people.

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Did not see (due to sightlines and her height) but heard Chaka Khan in Newport Beach last week. She remains a second soprano with a skosh of funk. Very nice funk. Set was similar to this with maybe another instrumental for a midset costume change and breather (she is 65). https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/chaka-khan/2018/benton-county-fairgrounds-kennewick-wa-2be83c0a.html

Too bad the stage was not elevated for those of us in the rear.


John Pizzarelli Trio at Catalina's. The man is a master of the seven string guitar and his patter between songs puts others to shame. How it should be done. Seems to have grown an impressive two-tone beard.

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We went to see Patti Smith doing the show for an Audible recording at the Minetta Lane theatre last night. I had the sobering realization that the last show that I saw her do was 40 years ago...She can still sing as strong as then,probably more easily,without a loud band to project over. Her son Jackson plays nice guitar. The show was a combo of reading,songs and self deprecating patter. My only wish was that the evening had been more rowdy,but we are sedate old farts now ;)

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