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Going to see the Finn brothers in Central Park this evening. I assumed it would have sold out, but I got a message pushing half price tickets which I couldn't resist. Think it will piss down?



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Last week, Norah Jones at the Hammersmith Apollo. I know, I know, and I was not sure why I'd booked even before it started. I mean, I've never bought the new album. But as I'm sure I bored everyone wi

Going to see the Finn brothers in Central Park this evening. I assumed it would have sold out, but I got a message pushing half price tickets which I couldn't resist. Think it will piss down?  

Saw the Cowboy Junkies again last night, in an ice cold Beacon Theater. They had to wind up a ninety minute set at 11pm - union rules - which is a pity, as I think the audience would have loved anoth

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Going to see the Finn brothers in Central Park this evening.  I assumed it would have sold out, but I got a message pushing half price tickets which I couldn't resist.  Think it will piss down?

I got an email with the discount offer as well, but I'll never get out of work in time :(


I saw Ted Leo on Saturday at the East River Amphitheater (he was brilliant as usual), and although it was comedy not music, I saw Marc Maron do a great late set at the new Laugh Factory near Times Square- the former Show World strip club.

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Show World is closed??? :o


Although it's advertised as a six o'clock start this evening, I won't get there in time for that - but there are two supports I don't mind missing. Never seen either Finn live, so worth the effort.

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It looks as though it might piss down tonight. But the forecast is:

"Friday night:

Considerable cloudiness. Humid. Low 74F. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph."



"western portions of New York [wonder where they mean by that?]could get a shower or thunderstorm late as a weak disturbance nears."



Not purely for Wilf's benefit, we're going out tonight also.

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Guest Adam Lawrence
It's black out there. Could it just please rain right now and get over it? :angry:

Were they good? I am seeing them when they hit Britain next month. I like the single, haven't bought the new album yet.

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Incredible line-up for a Randall's Island concert on August 14. Would require some energy on my part, though:



Anyone make it out to see this? I don't regret missing it too much after reading the Times review. Sounds like it was spotty at best. Though on paper, that lineup is an ass kicker.

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I really wanted to go, and may regret my decision, but I'm just a bit past standing in a crowd for twelve hours having my ears blown out. It was not only an amazing line-up, but - as Little Steve pointed out - an amazing deal at 50 cents per band.

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Caught David Byrne at the Disney Concert Hall Saturday night. As a crowd member pointed out, his was the first "real band" to appear in the house that Gehry built. He had with him a drummer, a bassist, a percussionist, 4 violinists and 2 cellists. He himself selected from among a half dozen guitars. The ensemble was good but the amplification was not sufficient for rock music. The strings seemed to fit well in the more formal atmosphere of the Disney and were put to good use in some altered arrangements of old Heads classics, in particular Psycho-Killer.

They didn't do any arias from Grown Backwards, but he did spend a lot of time ambulating backwards around the stage causing everyone to wonder if he had a third eye in back of his head. Apparently not, as he tripped over a wire during a performance of a song from The Catherine Wheel, landing on his back but still strumming his guitar. Not to worry, he was able to return for 2 sets of encores.

At one point an acquaintance was allowed to take the stage and propose to his beloved in the audience. She accepted.

All in all, a very satisfying evening that would have been more so IF there had been more available volume on some of the rockier tunes. RIYL Byrne, Heads, world music.

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Went to see Sunderland, England's best band, The Futureheads, last night. The most succint way to describe them is a fusion of Devo and The Jam. They're opening for Franz Ferdinand on their current tour which kicked off last night here in NYC at the mammoth Roseland Ballroom, a venue I hate and try to avoid. Luckily for me, whippersnappers that they are, the Futureheads played Lower East Side club Rothko AFTER opening for the 'Ferd. It was a late night. The show was advertised as a 9pm start, which usually means first band on by 10 but this one ran way late. I was downstairs and missed the first band entirely but caught the Rogers Sisters set -- good as always. (they're sorta like first album B-52s with out the kitsch


Futureheads didn't go on til one fuckin' AM. But I have to say it was worth it. For a band this young, they are amazingly tight. They had all their shit down. Their energy felt very real, palpable and the main singer/guitarist is one of those guys who can play complex parts while singing and he was wound up tighter than, uh, something that's wound really tight. By the fourth song, his longsleeve button-down shirt was entire soaked in sweat (maybe unbuttoning the collar might have helped). It was hot in there. And loud. The Futureheads crank the volume. My ears are still ringing.


Highlight of the evening may have been their rockin', jaw-dropping cover of Kate Bush's "The Hounds of Love" but the whole set was killer.


The album's already out in the UK and comes out in the US on Sire in October. Highly reccomended. So if you're going to see Franz Ferdinand (and you should!) on this tour, make sure to get there early. The Futureheads are the real deal and this is a great double bill.


Franz Ferdinand / Futureheads Tour Dates...


09-09 New York, NY - Roseland Ballroom *

09-10 Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory *

09-11 Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle*

09-12 Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade *

09-14 Dallas, TX - Gypsy Tea Room *

09-15 Houston, TX - Verizon Wireless Theater *

09-16 Austin, TX - Stubbs BBQ *

09-17 Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival

09-19 San Diego, CA - SDSU Open Air Theatre

09-20 Los Angeles, CA - Spaceland (Futureheads only)

09-22 San Francisco, CA - Concourse *

09-24 Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom *

09-25 Auburn, WA - White River Amphitheatre

09-26 Vancouver, British Columbia - Commodore Ballroom *

09-29 Minneapolis, MN - The Quest *

09-30 Chicago, IL - Riviera Theatre *

10-01 Toronto, Ontario - The Docks *


*Franz Ferdinand only (sorry San Diego!)

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