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The farmers market thread

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I'll start the ball rolling with the fingerling potatoes I bought at Tompkins Square yesterday. I am very bad at remembering the names of stalls, but there are only half a dozen or so here (open Sund

They make Hooligan (full stop) which some might call stinky. And mean that as a compliment.

Well, we need a thread for the rest of the entire world outside NYC, so here ya go.   What did you get at your farmers market? What did you get in your CSA box? Either will do: post it here!

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this was today’s haul: english peas, fava beans, zucchini, summer squash, basil, spinach, salad greens, herbs (dill, mint, parsley), large shrimp, strawberries, apricots, spring onions, red onions and lemons







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Miserable day for the the USQ Greenmarket, but it was still pretty damn crowded! Mushrooms, cress, spinach, asparagus, skate, a whole flounder, squid...

Oh, and ramps.

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Annoyingly the Greenmarket fishmonger was unable to cut the fish I wanted to the size I wanted (apparently pathetic single people are too pathetic to sell to).

So I went to the REAL fishmonger -- who had the fish I REALLY wanted.

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51 minutes ago, joethefoodie said:


From PE & DD. It's a small-ish flounder. Still figuring out what to do with it.

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Hard to answer,   It's seldom at our carriage trade mongers.   I buy it when I fall over it at Clement St. Asian fish dealers.    Last time I remember, I paid something like $2.25/lb for skin on quarters.   Such a good and under appreciated fish.

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I remember in Paris sitting next to a woman who identified herself as an Angelino (aka SoCal).   She made contact after her entree plate arrived: skate.   After poking around at it, she excused herself to me and asked if I could coach her how to approach it.   Truly an odd fish compared to trout or salmon.    I  showed her how to just gently separate the flesh from the cartilage.    So simple, so delicious.  

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