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The farmers market thread

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First batch of ramp pesto from probably about 250 grams of ramps. Blanched the leaves, but do like to wait to add the cheese until I make the pasta or whatever it is I'm gonna use it on/in.

When I set up the food processor, I also noticed a crack in the work bowl; a new one is on order.

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I'll start the ball rolling with the fingerling potatoes I bought at Tompkins Square yesterday. I am very bad at remembering the names of stalls, but there are only half a dozen or so here (open Sund

They make Hooligan (full stop) which some might call stinky. And mean that as a compliment.

Nice to see you here, Paul.

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Got my first pint of this season's strawberries. They are very good! And for $7/pint, they should be. I got some broccoli rabe, and some more asparagus. Sea bass roe. Gigantic oysters. And I still have ramps from my first bunch, but if anyone needs them, there's a serious glut.

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58 minutes ago, voyager said:

and, no, I don't mean honorific

And a good thing, too, 'cause I don't know their pronouns. I plan to eat them raw. Every time I try to prepare oysters some other way, I wish I had just eaten them raw.

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29 minutes ago, voyager said:

How do you eat them raw?

On the half shell. At the risk of sounding risque, I can fit a lot in my mouth. My sister and I used to have contests with grapes.

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