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The farmers market thread

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I'll start the ball rolling with the fingerling potatoes I bought at Tompkins Square yesterday. I am very bad at remembering the names of stalls, but there are only half a dozen or so here (open Sund

They make Hooligan (full stop) which some might call stinky. And mean that as a compliment.

Well, we need a thread for the rest of the entire world outside NYC, so here ya go.   What did you get at your farmers market? What did you get in your CSA box? Either will do: post it here!

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i usually just stick to buying herbs at Paffenroth since they have the biggest and cheapest bunches. thanks for the heads up on the disappointing veggies, though. i usually get my veg from hawthorne, keith's, or mountain sweet berry. I find all three have consistently flavorful stuff.

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Guest Suzanne F

WTC market seems to be shrinking. :( Today only three stands; fortunately one was Migliorelli, another Conklin. But I may have to trek uptown Saturday. :( (That could be either to Greenwich Street or all the way to Union Square.)

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Has anyone else had a disappointing experience with Paffenroth this season? First I got garlic that had gone bad, then yesterday I purchased utterly tasteless carrots.

Steph, the carrots I bought from Mrs. P. last Saturday were delicious. Maybe it was just the (bad) luck of the draw?

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After last week's haul, I brought my bubbie cart with me the market this morning. I'm probably forgetting something, but I bought:


patty pan squash, potatoes, mint - Bradley

eggplants, green and yellow beans, peaches, tomatoes, green peppers - Kernan

sugar plums, gooseberries - Locust Grove

green garlic, red leaf lettuce, zukes, basil, shallots - Bialas

muskmelon - Visconti

Queen Ann cherries - Red Jacket Orchard

sesame pugliese, raisin-walnut rolls, onion caraway rolls - Tribeca


The first eggplants make me very excited. I love eggplant.

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Made a very quick pit-stop at the USQ greenmarket this afternoon on my way to a meeting. Lots of corn everywhere, and i picked up 5 ears/$2 at Sycamore, very sweet dark cherries at Cheerful Cherry, some bran muffins at Body and Soul bakery, and some field-ripened tomatoes from a stand which I can't remember the name. Apparently the field grown heirlooms and other tomatoes will be out in full force tomorrow.

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A very sticky humid morning at the USQ Greenmarket, but lovely in the bounty of corn, tomatoes, berries, and stonefruit out in abundance.


Picked up the following:


-Apricots from Terhune

-Rocambole garlic from Keith's

-Striped eggplant, okra, and sugar plums from Cherry Lane

-Tiny, thimble-sized gold nugget potates, favas, and zucchini blossoms from Mountain Sweet Berry

-Very fragrant peaches, cubanelle peppers, and bicolor corn from Blew Family

-Flat beans from Migliorelli

-Raspberries from Fantasy Fruit

-Sweet black and sour red cherries from Cheerful Cherry

-Tzatziki (a new product) and plain drinkable yogurt from Ronnybrook

-Ricotta and fresh mozzarella from Tonjes

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