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The farmers market thread

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I'll start the ball rolling with the fingerling potatoes I bought at Tompkins Square yesterday. I am very bad at remembering the names of stalls, but there are only half a dozen or so here (open Sund

They make Hooligan (full stop) which some might call stinky. And mean that as a compliment.

Nice to see you here, Paul.

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13 minutes ago, Diancecht said:

the ibérico pork sold at saturday’s market is very good

I hope so - at those prices.

11 minutes ago, Diancecht said:

i need to find a good recipe for mole.

I've had some good luck with Rick Bayless.

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38 minutes ago, Sneakeater said:

If you're looking for an actual cookbook rather than trolling the internet for recipes, Diana Kennedy still can't be beat.

Totally what I was referring to. The Bayliss and Kennedy books (and there are a lot of them) are fonts of info.

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10 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

You're not saying there are even MORE cookbooks I have to get, are you?

Together they appear to have published around 20 books.

I only have a combined 9 or 10 books from the 2.

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19 hours ago, Diancecht said:

the bacon was in the quiche from sunday night. great stuff.

ty for the tip….i’ll have to look him up at omnivore books. mexican is one of the holes in our home library.

I've gotten from Encina Farms a few times--the quality is really excellent.

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