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The farmers market thread

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I'll start the ball rolling with the fingerling potatoes I bought at Tompkins Square yesterday. I am very bad at remembering the names of stalls, but there are only half a dozen or so here (open Sund

They make Hooligan (full stop) which some might call stinky. And mean that as a compliment.

Nice to see you here, Paul.

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Thanks, Robert. I'm a big fan of anything Gorzynski and especially their baby arugula and dandelion greens. The arugula was already sold out last Saturday but when I'm lucky enough to get it, I buy with abandon. For eggies: I recently bought some fine eggs from them too.


Also purchased: asparagus, greenhouse tomatoes (haven't tried them yet but they are SO red) and arugula plants.

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One of the topics touched last night on by Michael Pollan was the situation with the Union Sq Greenmarket. The center of the NY labor movement gets a farmers market that is a huge success and then Whole Foods and Trader Joes dive in. How has it affected the market? Have the vendors suffered? Has it created more interest in "real food" and everyone wins?


Pollan was encouraged by Whole Foods, mostly because it identifies a customer who is ready for change and it breaks down price barriers. But how "whole" is organic lamb from New Zealand, especially when this item could be sourced nearby in the Hudson Valley.


I'm sure Pollan would cringe at my interpretations of what he said but you get the gist.

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Apologies if this is already discussed elsewhere, but I see the current New Yorker features Bill Buford poetically dissecting a Violet Hills Farm pig.


Actually, it wasn't a Violet Hills pig. In fact, Paul at Violet Hill violated the Greenmarket rules by selling a pig raised by someone else.

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I'm just wondering what the logic is behind the rule.


For me personally, I don't care if they raised the pig themselves. If they bought it from a neighboring farmer, for example...what is that bad?


I have no idea about penalties. I only know of one other person who even noticed it. :lol:




Except of course that now it's here on a public website.

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The logic is that if you are not responsible for raising the product, you cannot vouch for it.


Edited to add: It's right there in the article that Violet Hill didn't raise the pig. I'm not revealing some sort of secret information.

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