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The farmers market thread

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I'll start the ball rolling with the fingerling potatoes I bought at Tompkins Square yesterday. I am very bad at remembering the names of stalls, but there are only half a dozen or so here (open Sund

They make Hooligan (full stop) which some might call stinky. And mean that as a compliment.

Nice to see you here, Paul.

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I think the bacon from the Hungarian market is better than Flying Pigs. :blush:


Ditto for some of the stuff available in Greenpoint. For about 10% of the cost.


edit: that being said, the rear quarter of a pig that we got from Flying Pigs and spit-roasted on the grill with my family was just about the best piece of pork I ever ate.

So bring me some of the bacon next time you see me. :P FWIW I think the Violet Hill bacon is better than Flying Pigs. But FP's pork chops and loins are the best I have ever had. And their eggs are very good.


In an ideal world I'd have plenty of time to schlep all over the city in search of the best food. I am just grateful to be able to have Murrays, Di Palos, Despana, Citarella, Kurowycky, Russ & Daughters, the greenmarket close enough to be in the regular rotation.

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No boar for the foreseeable future. :blush: :P New meat processing regulations put in place this week put restrictions on plants that have both a smoking and processing facility on the same site. :P If you're not grandfathered in already, you gotta make lots of changes. So now he needs to find a new processor. What a load.


Good day otherwise. Eckerton's carrots, corn, radishes, sungolds, potatoes. Petit pois, tristars, and arugula from Mountain Sweet. Gorgeous looking venison chops from Quattro, along with some more pheasant sausage.


The herbs I picked up yesterday from Stokes all turned out to be great... concentrated and exploding with flavor. And very sandy.

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Yuno's and Dines continue to make the market worthwhile on Mondays. A small chicken from Dines. No hot dogs, unfortunately, as last week they were tapped to supply concessions at a weekly summer concert series in Williamsburg.


Plenty of new stuff at Yuno's, including a cooking demo today with peppers and avacado squash. The woman who runs things (Yuno?) sliced the squash into rounds and applied a parsley leaf and egg wash to one side before tossing the pieces into a skillet, which resulted in a nice, slightly crunchy exterior. I picked up eggs, which seem to grow larger every week, plenty of peppers, lettuces, squash, potatoes, sungolds (which are great), and a cucumber.

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The parsley/egg wash idea is intriguing.


I bought shishitos and sungolds at Lincoln Square on Saturday - both excellent. Her pimentos de padron are HOT, though.


The owner's name is Nevia. She's a former dancer.

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USQ Greenmarket on this very muggy morning:


-peaches, eggplant, and corn from Stokes

-tiny tristar strawberries from Berried Treasures

-beautiful chanterelles ($5.50 a pint) and black trumpet ($4 a pint) mushrooms from Honey Hollow

-sungold tomatoes from Eckerton

-fennel and cilantro from Migliorelli

-jalapeno cheddar bread from the bread stand on the north side in front of Barnes and Noble

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Very muggy is putting it mildly. That's some seriously disgusting weather.


Those chanterelles were a deal.


Also picked up some broccoli from Eckerton... he claims this might be the last day for it.


Oh, the chanterelle guy will also be at USGM on Fridays starting this week, though at a different spot.


More great herbs from Stokes. Their tarragon is incredibly hearty... last week's batch still looks decent.


Time for a shower.

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Bounty today:


--Mussels from Blue Moon (hope they survive the trip home)

--Sungold tomatoes from Eckerton

--Cherries from Terhune

--Baguette from Bread Alone

--Corn and beefsteak tomato from Kernan

--Basil from Stokes

--Zucchini from Berried Treasures

--Drinkable mango yogurt from Ronnybrook


Glad to see that Cato Corner is back on Wednesdays.


Has anyone had good peaches this season?

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