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Ginny and I were just there a couple of nights ago for our favorite margaritas (Jalapino/Pineapple for me; Pomegranite for her) with a couple of apps. We didnt see any mention of RW specials or we might have stayed for more (not really; we were tired and this was just to unwind on a weeknight before crawling home). Sounds good. Thanks for the alert.


Damn those drinks are good :blush:

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Yeah, our Rob is a cocktail wizard. :blush:


I highly recommend the chicken enchiladas (a daily special), which I tasted for the first time tonight - the mole is delicious, with nicely layered flavors.


We're doing lunch during Restaurant Week too.

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Reading over this thread makes me think I ate at a different restaurant last night. But as mentioned on another thread, I had a disappointing impromptu meal at Centrico. We were craving margaritas and actually debated Rosa Mexicano, but there was a long wait and Centrico is a only a short walk, so we opted to test the waters.


The highlights were very good margaritas, chips, and an excellent, well-balanced pico de gallo.


Unfortunately, the guacamole arrived cold and underseasoned. This was followed by a soggy and underseasoned mushroom quesadilla. Which was in turn followed by some truly bad frog's legs. Underseasoned once again (and, remember, I'm a huge Blue Hill fan), but the main problem was the texture. Somehow they were watery and almost spongelike. They were very large, which might have something to do with it, but I really don't know. I'm used to the smaller variety, like those that accompany the young garlic soup at Jean Georges--firmer in texture, meatier. Either way, they were bad and we barely touched our apps.


Mains were somewhat more successful, including a well-seasoned cochinita pibil. Steak was quite overcooked, but we lacked the stamina to send it back and wait for a new one.


Because of a service mishap, dessert was offered on the house, which we passed on. They comp'ed our drinks instead, which was a nice gesture.


An off night? Who knows. They weren't esp busy, but our meal sounds nothing like some of the previous ones in this thread. Maybe we should've gone the ceviche and taco route.

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I brought my menudo-loving husband to Centrico tonight and he was a very satisfied eater.

We ordered all small plates:

The aforementioned menudo, a brazen bowl of tripe with hominy and roasted everything. Delish.

Tongue tacos with a cilantro cream (I think). SO tender, and well serviced by the light crema.

Marinated quail with a salad dressed with hibiscus vinaigrette. Beautiful salad greens, with this bright magenta dressing.

Frogs legs with cilantro oil, and queso fresco-d squash (sounds much better and more elegant in Spanish, and I apologize).

And of course, sweetbreads with a wickedly acidic and sharp jalapeno and bacon sauce.


I could eat this every night. There's such beauty in underappreciated parts and animals, and you can feel the love on every plate.

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With all the qualifications of being known to the house :lol: - we chased down the kid special (okay, baby goat) at Centrico on Friday. Braised to juiciness. Far from being a menu item which might make mainstream eaters nervous, it would have been all gone if we hadn't put out name on a portion. The tongue tacos mentioned above are good indeed, up there with Coatzingho, and I don't say that lightly.


We were also offered a hefty portion of the cochinito pibil, sharp spiciness cutting the richness of the pig; and there was an unseemly battle for the last of the crackling. Could not encompass dessert. ;)


Oh, they do need to get some rose in for summer.

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Cath, are the tongue tacos always on the menu?


Would be nice now to sit outside there, drinking a jala whatever it's called, and eating some tongue tacos.


Aarón changes the menu a lot. The tongue tacos have been there for a while, so who knows?


Jala-Piña®, tequila infused with chopped pineapple and jalapeño. So named because piña means both pineapple and agave hearts. Is that not the most brilliant cocktail name ever? :lol:

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