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NorCal drivers have to be the worst in the state.     Gas pedal to the floor, then, QUICK, slam on the brakes.    The lane is always faster on the other side of the striping.    No, back to the other lane.   YIKES!  There's the offramp!   So cut across three lanes while others brake to avoid you.   

We cross the Valley several times a month en route to the country.    And it seems that every trip involves husband's super fast response as some yoyo swerves into our lane without looking at 75+mph.   

I remember, as a newlywed, buying a sewing machine.    The store wouldn't let me take it until I completed a free one hour lesson on its operation.    Today you can drive off the lot with nothing more than a credit card and driver's license.   At least I THINK you have to have a license, but it's sure not obvious on the freeway.

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You needed lessons before they sold you a sewing machine??  I wonder what people who wanted a circular saw had to go through.

You're spot on about the local drivers.  Don't forget the people drag racing each other on I-880, in full traffic.

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I just assigned an essay to ChatGPT, 500 words on Sorry to Bother You that discusses the film with regard to appropriation, assimilation and class consciousness.  If I'd received it from a student, it is very unlikely I would have recognized it as AI generated, although it did not (as my prompt instructs) include any independent research or references to personal experience. So I would've given it a B, probably. This is somewhat nerve-wracking.

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