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Portugese & Turkish Pizza

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Had a couple of worthwhile meals last week.


Firstly, Efes for Turkish Pizza on King Street (No. 124) in Newtown. It's a good job that this place has such good food - I usually go with painful colleagues, and were it not for the excellent dips/pizza, the whole experience would be profoundly depressing. As it is though, the aforementioned dips (including beetroot dip - is that Turkish? or a concession to the high status with which Aussies regard beetroot?) Lovely fluffy pide is provided. The pizzas, especially the potato/spinach one have all, in my experience, been great.


The second was in Petersham where we started our exploration of Portugese restaurants in Sydney. From about 80 - 90 New Canterbury Road, there are a few Portugese Restaurants - we chose the Charcoal Chicken one in the middle of the strip. For some unknown reason, we didn't order the aforementioned charcoal chicken (which looked great and came with shoestring chips), but had steak and another chicken dish which probably would have been enjoyable had we been sitting in a portugese cafe in the sun on holiday, but didn't quite cut it on a rainy night in Sydney. Really though, it was our own fault. Marinated octopus that we shared as a starter was good. The place was heaving with takeaway business.


After dinner, we had a wander up the strip, and the other Charcoal Chicken place on the corner was rammed and looked better. It had the sword type things that grilled meat is served on (espetadas??) and we'll be giving it a try soon.

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Wish we had some of those places here. We dearly miss the Turkish and North African places in France, although more for the Doner Kebabs and Merguez than the pizzas which I do not recall being available. (I'm rambling)


The Turkish pizzas are reminiscent of Algerian cocas. The toppings for which are usually cheese free and have a range of spices sometimes delicately seasoned sometimes fiery and highly aromatic.


If anyone passes by a traditional Turkish pizza place please do not dismiss it as a poor variation of Italian pizzas. They have their own traditions.

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Indeed. I'd never tried turkish pizza (despite living on Green Lane in London which is ocakbasi central) before coming here. At Efes they always give you lemon to squeeze over the toppings which range from pretty hot to the totally mild potato and spinach.

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