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I just made a reservation for next Monday's 'resolutions' dinner. The menu appeals to me very much, even if it does include a salad with kale in it.

I'm so glad to find someone else who isn't a kale fan.


There are more people on warfarin (blood thinner) for whom kale is extremely dangerous than there are celiacs.


I had no idea that green leafy vegetables were bad for you if you take blood thinners. Now I know.


I also didn't know there are more people on blood thinners than people with celiac disease. (But I'm not surprised.) Now I know.

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Although sometimes it's something everyone already knows, it's just that I somehow missed it. One of those last week (now completely forgotten) that inspired me to start this thread, but then I lost m

I actually sometimes like liver flavors, but... You have to try those two wines with a duck and/or goose liver pate. One taste is not nice, one is scrumptious.

Criticism or endorsement of religions remains off limits on mouthfuls, guys. So does threatening violence in support of it

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Because of my thyroid condition & the meds I'm on, there are certain cruciferous vegetables that I can't have raw, including broccoli and cauliflower.


My item of the day: I've watched A Christmas Story a million times, but only on this watching was I able to recognize when "Here We Come A-Wassailing" played in the background (when the boys are looking at the toys in the department store window) because I'd just performed it. Our most recent chorus concert featured nothing but carols from the Oxford Book of Carols, enabling me to pick up a great deal of religious Christmas music knowledge.

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Are cooked cruciferous vegetables okay? Paul is on medication for mild hypothyroidism, and he likes his vegetables only very lightly cooked. But they are cooked some. I'd rather not contribute to his dying early. (At least not today.)

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I googled. This guy thinks even raw ones are OK--they would have to be eaten in an "insanely high" quantity, or eaten by someone who was "significantly iodine deficient", to really be a problem.


That being said, when it comes to medical conditions, it's not such a bad thing to err on the safe side. Like if I had a family history of breast cancer, I would probably lessen the amount of non-fermented soy in my diet (I don't, so I don't). He could still eat them, just not 2lbs every day for several months (see article for explanation).

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Apparently the ABC is in the business of 4 month long undercover operations to buy dime bags of marijuana!




...ABC, which engaged in a four-month undercover sting before finally busting Gestalt over selling a dime bag.


This is unbelievable, especially considering people openly smoke weed all over that area -- and crack a block down. The ABC should stick to licensing alcohol sales, no?




ETA: Turns out that it was the doorman who sold them weed.

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