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GG Mora

You Learn Something New Every Day

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I gave Chuck a haircut today.


He says I have a new day job.


He hasn't checked out the back.


He normally wears a Panama or a black fedora when he goes out.

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There was this Three Stooges short where Moe got hit on the head with something heavy (since that happened in many if not most Three Stooges shorts, you had to wonder why this time was different) and, as a result, became a genius.  Then, at the end, he was hit in the head with something heavy again (see?) and went back to being plain old Moe.

It turns out that there is a scientific basis for this:     https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20180116-the-mystery-of-why-some-people-become-sudden-geniuses

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