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Although sometimes it's something everyone already knows, it's just that I somehow missed it. One of those last week (now completely forgotten) that inspired me to start this thread, but then I lost m

Criticism or endorsement of religions remains off limits on mouthfuls, guys. So does threatening violence in support of it

I actually sometimes like liver flavors, but... You have to try those two wines with a duck and/or goose liver pate. One taste is not nice, one is scrumptious.

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From his SNL monologue, Benedict Cumberbatch’s mother is Wanda Ventham.

Distressing too, because she was someone I…looked up to as a kid, and now she’s 86. A radiant 86 I am sure.

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N apparently has mild hallucinations (like seeing wavy lines) when she eats galangal.  She had this reaction at Sripraphai years ago and assumed it was because the papaya salad was so hot, but I'm much more sensitive to heat than she is and didn't have that problem.  Yesterday, we were at a Laotian restaurant in Alameda and she had the same reaction to this one chicken dish.  The server said that it contained lemongrass, lime leaves, and galangal, and we found out later that it is in fact a hallucinogen at large doses.  Who knew?

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