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Sunday Dinners at Union

Guest rockdoggydog

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I raced right home to sign up for your soiree, Rocky. The vote at Chez Miller was unanimous that it was not to be missed.


Plus, now that I'm hooked on you guys, I don't think I could go a month without a mouthfulls event!



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Third place went to Vuong of Portage and Pig N Whistle.

Oh, this sounds like the perfect excuse for a trip north.   ~A

Rocky,   Please sign Al and I up. If you can arrange wine pairings also then we would be one beer (Al) and one wine (Kay). You really had a great idea. Thanks for thinking of it and arranging it.

Count me in for the Rocky Dinner! I'll have to ask Speck if he wants to join in...

Speck indeed wants to join in. Rocky was telling me about the dishes Friday night and it sounds fab.


Although it's only going to be 8 courses -- Rocky, there's 24 time zones to cover!! I'm sure Idaho has some local cuisine... for me to POOP on!



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Hey anybody got a pescatarian friend who's thinking of coming? I'd love a "dining buddy" to trade my fishy dishes for carnivorous ones. Normally Bill just takes my fish bits in situations like this, but with 80 odd dishes :( there's just no way...


Of course it may be that "only" eating 40 dishes is the way to portion control - At our Rocking Wok dinner I was actually grateful to have skipped several courses, because I wasn't sure Bill was going to make it home alive after eating that much :(

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Rocky's Union dinner is this Sunday and I am happy to report the menu for Around the World in 80 Bites is now set. The price is $65 including food and beverage which, at this point, is slated to be a sancerre and a pilsner. Doors open at 5:00 and the dinner begins at 6:30.


There only a few spots left. Let me know if you need to be added to the list:

Rockdoggydog & Dani + 14



GourmetLight$ & Bob


SeaGal & Gary

Eden & Bill

Amster - Party of 2

Malarkey and Speck


Della & Greg


Vengroff & Hilary


And now, the menu:


Trio of appetizers: Smoked Fish, Kielbasa and Black Bread served with Vodka



Pork and Chinese Chive Dumplings served with Pickled Cabbage



Ceviche and Carnitas Tacos


Rio de Janeiro

Feijoada – Brazil's National Dish


New Orleans

Chicken & Waffles, Tasso Po’ Boys and Collard Greens



Poki Salad: Raw Ahi, Mixed Greens and Wakame Seaweed tossed with Sesame Vinaigrette



Onigiri: Grilled Rice Balls



Lamb Two Ways: Grilled Skewers and Sega Wat served with Injera



Guinness Spice Cake, Warm Bailey’s and Cream Drizzle, Whiskey Ice Cream

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Congratulations Rocky. Ed and I won't be able to make it due to work and a prior commitment but we do want to wish you the best in this endevor.

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I'm so sorry to say that we'll be missing Rocky's time travel extravaganza. We'll be thinking of you all and looking forward to the pictures - please someone take lots of pictures in the kitchen!

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