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As someone who grew up with 240 Union as the default nice restaurant (Arvadan here), it's always nice to see it getting the respect it deserves. Today we have Sheehan's review in the Westword.


I'm pretty sure my mother had the lobster corndogs, and loved it. I'm a fan of their whole fish (doesn't matter what it is, always great), their rotisserie chicken, and their pizzas. I've never had a bad meal there, and I've been going there probably 15 years.

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I think 240 Union is one of the best in Denver not just the west side. I don't get a to eat there as often as I want to, but I have never been dissapointed there. I thought the most telling comment in the review was about the level of service. My wife and I and a friend in the business ate there on a Saturday night a week and a half before Christmas a few years ago and the place was absolutly "hammered". Private parties in every space available, 6 & 8 tops all over and "no problems". I asked the 18 or 19 yr old busser how she was doing on such a busy night and she very cheerfully replied " We are busy but no problem." As i was leaving I talked to a man in shirt and tie bussing a table and " smoozing"with the customers on either side if he was the mgr. He told me he was one of the owners and this was the way he always worked. Great food, great service and people who really care and are always there.. What more can you want. Glad to see it brought back up on peoples radar.



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