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Checchi's is the newish restaurant, opened in the space which at one time (or twice) was occupied by Cafe Loup.  I never got to Cafe Loup, as I wasn't a local during its heyday, and during it's non-heyday, did anyone go?  Opened by Michael Cecchi-Azzolina, a lifelong maitre d'hotel here in NYC (and now an author as well), who some of us (ok, me) may remember from early Le Coucou days, it's a quite nice room.

The service, as it should be in a place opened by a well-known maitre d', was great. As walk-ins, we got ourselves the last two available seats at the bar, just where we like to be.  And we started off with two very well-made cocktails:


A perfect Manhattan (hoping for autumn) and a Plymouth Martini (not wanting summer to end).  These were both jiggered, properly stirred, served in iced glasses, etc. Drinks we saw being made with vodka (e.g.vodka "Martinis" and vodka "espresso Martinis") were free-poured, because it really doesn't matter with those.  They evidently do the New York Special during happy hour on weekdays - a Martini and fries for $25, which isn't a bad deal, if they'll make a real Martini.

The not-a-wedge salad is fabulous, and it's not really a wedge; loaded with bacon and blue cheese, it's a darn good salad, chopped up as it may be.

Significant Eater had her favorite:


A really excellent burger, cooked to her medium spec, great fries, good cole slaw and pickle. We're into $34 territory here for that plate (a few bucks more than Balthazar's similar plate), which ain't all that bad.           

My order:


Chicken a la king, with a nicely made puff pastry "lid." Not a bad rendition, though as often happens with chicken pot pie, the chicken gets a little dry for my liking.  

Some nice by-the-glass wines accompanied the mains, no desserts were ordered (we had ice cream waiting for us at home).  



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