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I don't recall any dubious warnings from my parents, but when my mom was a kid she wasn't allowed to eat hamburgers out. My grandmother believed they were made from floor sweepings.


Was it Robert Klein who had that hilarious routine about the kid who told you how long to wait before swimming based on what you ate? "Tuna fish on rye? Thirty-four minutes."

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My mother was well-educated and for the most part quite sensible, but for some reason she believed that warm water freezes faster than cold. We were taught to fill the ice trays with warm water.

I've been told one gets clearer ice that way.

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Peanut butter was a no-no in our home because it was bad for the skin.


Oh, our household was full of these, I suspect to get you to eat or not to eat things that my mom and grandma thought were good or bad for you -


Seaweed, makes your hair shiny and strong.


Miso soup is good for pregnant women.


Vinegar will make you flexible.

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My grandfather used to encourage me to eat things that were good for me by stating that they would "put hair on your chest." Still ain't working.

Strange, my grandfather used to say exactly the same thing to me. :(

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