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So, where are *you* going next?

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On 11/12/2021 at 6:16 PM, Behemoth said:

Rhetorical question? 


Where I am going: Austria in lockdown so probably nowhere. 

Actually ended up going to Austria several times for skiing during lockdown. Lifts running, perfect snow, you can get drinks and limited food outside the Hütten (no tables), but we went all rustic with picnic and soup in a thermos. 

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I thought it would be cool to have a thread -- akin to the Breakfast and Supper threads -- where we talk about the trips we've booked that we're looking forward to taking.   Cameron and I are going

Excellent!   False modesty will get you nowhere on this board. A Latin scholar spending a year doing research in Rome, eh? I look forward to your posts. By the way, when the woman said the pigs w

I hope you'll be sending us occasional reports about life in Rome.

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On 11/25/2021 at 1:07 AM, Chambolle said:

Arpege Gagnaire Granite Cèna Gagnaire Table Gresca Pellicer Alkimia Ricard Camarena Askua L'Escaleta Cork Nerua Bascook Kimtxu Sacha Saddle Cuenllas_Salesas La Buena Vida y adios amigos !

Cut Kimtxu from the list cuz they just canceled cuz of COVID ☹️ (No big deal, actually, ça va)

On the brighter side of things, I went for a lovely stroll 🚶 along a river today … in a short sleeve shirt … warm and sunny ☀️ here 😀












See that window there ⬆️ That’s where I’m going next 😛cuz it’s now lunch time 


But first a little pre-lunch voyeurism-ing … nice arse ! 🤪



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Stairs, geesh, I’m tired already from my long trek ! 


Hey 👋 guys, I’m seriously thirsty … been walking and walking … you got any thirst quenchers ? Hmmm …



Hmmm 👀🤔👀🤩 … a glass of those French bubbles pour moi, por favor !  

Gracias 🙏 !


Okay … later guys 

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And yeah, I see that I have an annoying pest / fly elsewhere that I need to swat … and it’s a fly that lies, OBVIOUSLY … Chambo don’t like them type of flies AT ALL … so stock up on popcorn 🍿folks … cuz I’m gonna slay the charlatan but good ! Don’t know what I’ll say to slay but trust me, I’ll get the job done and it’ll be …

COMING SOON to a theater near you !

Now, a relaxing, liquified lunch …

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On 12/18/2021 at 12:23 PM, Anthony Bonner said:

Good chance my wife leaves me over 1q22 vacation plans, or rather lack there of.  At least me dragging my feet over Mexico for the New Year no longer looks regrettable 

I think outside Rome you'd be ok. And Rome itself is a big place.

The Omicron spike has me looking prescient. Marriage saved.

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I need suggestions  - Boy's break is the last week is January. Two out of three of us have valid passports and the the one w/o the passport doesn't have an enhanced drivers license one so no driving to Canada. Don't really want to fly due to COVID. And want to go somewhere where my anxiety levels won't be elevated constantly. And yes, we have a car.

Go .....

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Its really tough to judge how anxious other regions approach to social distancing will make you. At the point NYC is a pretty big outlier.

ETA: Even relative to its own suburbs

AETA: Every high end place in the US I've looked at is very hard to find a place at, and if you do its 150% of normal price.   Basically you've condensed the "Vacation Internationally" and "Vacation Domestically" crowd into just the domestic capacity.  

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