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So, where are *you* going next?

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I thought it would be cool to have a thread -- akin to the Breakfast and Supper threads -- where we talk about the trips we've booked that we're looking forward to taking.   Cameron and I are going

Excellent!   False modesty will get you nowhere on this board. A Latin scholar spending a year doing research in Rome, eh? I look forward to your posts. By the way, when the woman said the pigs w

I hope you'll be sending us occasional reports about life in Rome.

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14 hours ago, Evelyn said:

CES is having exhibitors pull out by the bunches for next week's convention. And lesser conventions are just cancelling the in person, and going virtual. I'd be (pleasantly) shocked if things are better by early February. 

NRF coming up at the Javits mid-January. One of my friends has a booth and was encouraging me to go. Not very enthusiastic about it right now.

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On 12/30/2021 at 11:32 AM, bloviatrix said:

I need suggestions  - Boy's break is the last week is January. Two out of three of us have valid passports and the the one w/o the passport doesn't have an enhanced drivers license one so no driving to Canada. Don't really want to fly due to COVID. And want to go somewhere where my anxiety levels won't be elevated constantly. And yes, we have a car.

Go .....

I'd go to Vermont. Brattleboro, specifically. Quaint downtown area, lots of stuff to do outdoors (snowshoeing! Ice fishing!) And some indoor stuff too (rudyard Kipling's house in Dummerston! Basketville in Putney!) And you can get lovely provisions at Brattleboro Coop. 

Also, Brattleboro and Putney have >80% of population vaccinated. Drummerston has a much lower vaccination rate, so maybe skip Rudyard Kipling's house. 

Admittedly, I just want someone to go there. It's been almost 20 years since I left, and I didn't even get to go to my convocation. I sort of miss it!

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We've loved Cape Ann, MA.   Particularly Rockport and Bearsneck.    Lots of good lodging for instance.    After a few days, slide south toward Boston, hitting clams at Essex, then into Boston for a couple of days.   Our super convenient lodging is the guest house for Mass Gen Eye Hospital, superior suite with kitchen and sitting room.   Parking down the block.    Easy walk to much of Boston.   

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A magical month of magical thinking while eating, praying and loving every minute of it ... a secret sequel … twas One Man’s Search for Everything Edible en Espagne en décembre … and such produce, such shrooms, such cherries, such strawberries !





But that was last week … or was it ? … seems like a dream from long ago and far away, is what he’d say … was it real or surreal or should he just surrender to ever really knowing … and as the wily Wizard whispered in his ear, Chambo clicked and clicked and clicked and the next thing he knew he’s high in high heels and head over heels with eels onboard, he’s in over his head heading home with high seas below, he’s tossing and turning and doing the twist, tumbling towards la terrible terre where there’s nothing but hare to be found all around on the ground and birds fill the air and birds are shot but none left to rot, what has this wicked world wrought, he thought … and then he said and sang… we gotta get out of this place …



But then she said … “Chambo, we’re already here, so can’t we stay for just a bit and get a little bite to eat and see the lights and such” … and then she does that little look of hers … he hates that little look … but what else could he say ... "Pffffffffft  … bon, quelques jours, mais cest tout !"

Back to the grey gris of gay Paris and who the hell knows what’s in store for me …

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Misunderstood … Amen, brother !

I fail to understand why Chambo is misunderstood here … and I try to, believe you me

Any sensitive soul who is sane with a heart and a brain knows that Chambo is a Make Love not War type of guy who’s heartful with a heart full of good intentions and it’s hurtful and saddens me that there are those who may think otherwise, full point

Now Chambo’s a big boy who can persevere through the pain but it amazes me how sweet, little Chambo is still so misunderstood … it’s so amazing it’s farcical !

You know, Steve, between you and me, I truly think that you and me are the only sane sapiens shooting the shit in this godforsaken shithole … and I’m sure you’d agree so no need to tell me that you agree because I already know that you do cuz you’re the only other sane one around, right ? and quite frankly I don’t need my ego stroked by having you agree with me in public, so don’t (unless you really, really want to)

But everyone else, based upon the evidence, is evidently borderline nuts ! … and I’m serious, Steve … how else could you possibly explain why Chambo must ceaselessly suffer the silly slurs, stings, slings and arrows of others … it’s outrageous ! and it should stop, full stop ! It should stop but I don’t really expect to be so fortunate

And I don’t think anyone notices this stuff, Steve … other than you and me, of course … unless I point it out again and again

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On 1/17/2022 at 9:38 PM, Chambolle said:

Chambo, over and out, I gotta fly … heading to dinner in deep space, way past the asteroid belt* … the chef is supposedly out of this world or so I hear … and tomorrow, Tuesday, it’s to infinity and beyond, assuming all goes well … I’m serious, Steve … I’ll show you the flight plan some day

* We actually had lunch in the asteroid belt earlier today so we opted to change geos for tonight

Steve, I’m back from the beyond and it was beyond real ! All I can say is … WOW !

And as you told me to, I’m staying laser-focused on the mission and ignoring the nattering nabobs of naysayers who offer no encouragement and only disbelief with comments like “Yeah right Chambo, as if we believe any of this shit ! What’s next ? ”

IMHO they should suspend it or be suspended … but whatever …

Steve, you know what’s next ? I’m blasting off again …

PG in less than T minus 3 … seriously !

I know, I know, I’m stuck in a bit of rut … a winter rut that’s tough to dig out of but I’m working on it


Oh yeah, that flight plan that I promised ...


and a close up ...


A lot of people think this type of space travel is easy peasy but their pathetically misguided

This is super duper hard to do and the smallest miscalculation ends with GAME OVER !

I spent a good part of Sunday at my private space center in the heart of Paris preparing and preparing and reading the pre-launch data over and over again ... and I found multiple mission control mistakes that could have killed me !

I explained the errors to the eager engineers ... they resolved them meticulously and quickly ... and we even launched 5 minutes early ... I'm focused, laser-focused ...



I’ll show you pictures of Centre Spatial CHAMBO some day soon ... til then Godspeed, Steve !


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Hoping to not jinx myself but going to JazzFest in New Orleans for 7 days (April 27-May 5) then straight to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. 

The Jazzfest lineup is a bit weak for headliners this year but I already circled 25 acts I want to see 1st weekend so WGAF. 🙂

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