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So, where are *you* going next?

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I thought it would be cool to have a thread -- akin to the Breakfast and Supper threads -- where we talk about the trips we've booked that we're looking forward to taking.   Cameron and I are going

Excellent!   False modesty will get you nowhere on this board. A Latin scholar spending a year doing research in Rome, eh? I look forward to your posts. By the way, when the woman said the pigs w

I hope you'll be sending us occasional reports about life in Rome.

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And then I'll drive back to Missouri where I've got six days before we leave for our, um, you know....World Cruise. :D

I keep getting this weird Agatha Christie vibe on this cruise. Seriously, like 102 days?


:blink: Ooooh. I hope so.


I keep getting this weird ship-full-of-old-people-including-me vibe.


I'd MUCH rather run into Hercule Poirot.


The cruise itself is 102 days. We leave from Fort Lauderdale and put into Southampton 102 days later, but then we're spending a week in the UK. We're driving up to Bassingbourn to see the base my dad flew missions out of on D-Day, and then to Wigtown, Scotland, to see the old Clan Castle. We'll be wearing the tartan for that bit, of course.



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We have a Bar Mitzvah to attend in Hollywood, FL next month so we're making it into a 6-day vacation. I'm looking forward to sitting on the beach and thawing out.



I hope you make out better than I did last year.


I attended a trade show in Hollywood in February, and many members were most unhappy that it was colder in FL than it was in North Dakota, Montana and other places from which they and their families had come.


NJ got a foot of snow, so I was OK being in FL, cold and all.

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Two nights here:


http://zamas.com/ (We wanted to break up the trip, and we'll visit the ruins, where 'brows has never been)


7 nights here:


http://mayanbeachgarden.com/ (this website is worth exploring, there is so much regional information - this is in the area hardest hit by Hurricane Dean, and we're not sure what to expect)


4 nights here:


http://casacarolina.net/ (here on Xcalak we will be diving every day)


Then 1 night here:


http://mayatulum.com/ (because Zamas was full)




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