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So, where are *you* going next?

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I thought it would be cool to have a thread -- akin to the Breakfast and Supper threads -- where we talk about the trips we've booked that we're looking forward to taking.   Cameron and I are going

Excellent!   False modesty will get you nowhere on this board. A Latin scholar spending a year doing research in Rome, eh? I look forward to your posts. By the way, when the woman said the pigs w

I hope you'll be sending us occasional reports about life in Rome.

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Weeping on the street is OK, though everyone might think the cause is you! The Memorial of the Martyrs of the Deportation

 gets me every time.


Coupla 3-4 day weekends coming up.  Montreal end of September. Burlington end of October. Chicago/Milwaukee November.  

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I'm in Montreal right now, just for the day. Attended Blair Sharpe's (flyfish's husband) memorial last night in Ottawa. It was a wonderful event, more joyous than somber. A celebration of his life, for sure. Back to Ottawa in a couple of hours, then back home tomorrow afternoon.

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Paris en Fevrier! avec les enfants malheurueusement. Salut MF'rs!





@ Nathan - You know that I would be more than happy to help you in any Parisian way but I will NOT be participating in the thread where you posted ... it's best for everybody. There are troublemakers who have no idea that they are troublemakers and know that it is very easy to cast Chambo the villain ... and yes Chambo can stir the pot at times if he so desires but he wasn't in Paris and why people get defensive about "their" neighborhood I find inexplicable. I've lived in this city for more than 10 years of my life and then I'm being advised what neighborhoods I should and shouldn't visit on which days by a recent renter? Seriously strange. A fair-minded person who reads that thread starting here will see who started picking fights and causing friction. And if someone thinks that a McDo's reference / joke is causing trouble then I'm really worried about our planet 


Nathan, you obviously wanted to have a public feedback because otherwise you would have just texted privately in the first place, right ? ... but you were then redirected to go private ... how's that helping expand participation and information on the board ... especially when Chambo had already said that he was done responding there and hadn't done so for many weeks ?


So Nathan, the ball is in your court ... I'm happy to proceed as follows if you so desire. Post everything that was communicated to you privately back into that Paris thread* where it should be ... say what time(s) you want to be eating ... and say where your home base is (because you might want some walkable options that take walk-ins and you well know that Paris does NOT serve dinner late for the overwhelming majority of places


You post that stuff ... and I'll fill in some missing blanks ... in the interim, I do think Mr T could very well be up your alley, notwithstanding what you may have heard elsewhere ... 


Once again, with Chambo, Make Love not War ... and don't make shit up ...



* everything about restos ... you can keep the stuff said about me private ... I've read it already  :)  ... I am Cyber-Chambo, ya know 

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