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Austin: Get Together in September

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I'm happy to host a party ANY time. We need to know what date is good for our out-of-towners. They may be here strictly that one weekend.




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I am there for Fri, Sat and Sun. I have to get back home on Monday, a 7 hour drive, and if I time it just right, I can go through Dallas between morning rush and lunch rush. I hope. As for getting together with you guys, Lunchish? maybe? I don't know. I am used to Jazzfest where the fairgrounds closes at dark and you go out the rest of the night. So this time frame in Austin I still have to figure out. I know, a late breakfast somewhere? Just throwing out some ideas here.

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We'll be in town Friday (the 23rd) through Wednesday (the 28th). We get into town around 3 PM on Friday and we'll be at the festival on Saturday and Sunday. We leave around 4 PM on Wednesday. So....... I would say Friday night, Monday or Tuesday any time or Wednesday morning works for us :o

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Friday is GOOD!


OK, guys: it's Friday September 23rd at my house. Theme: Keep Austin Weird.


I'll get some suggestions for weird wines.


Do we all chip in $10 for wine?


I'm about 10 minutes away from downtown, so it won't be a problem for you ACLers to get to my house.


Should we post the foods, or just see what happens??????


Suggestions, please!

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Maybe we should just have everyone bring a weird wine along with their weird food.


The possibilities are endless.


Speaking of possibilities, there IS a possibility of y'all having your 15 minutes of fame on the 23rd.


And/or maybe again at David's deep fried turkey do in November...


And that's all I'm gonna say right now.

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I like the idea of bringing a weird wine to go with your own weird food; that way the level of weirdness skyrockets exponentially! :o I get chills just thinking of the possibilities.


By the way, thanks, F52 for the kinds words about the new avatar. Don't worry--the babies are actually somewhat bigger in real life!

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OK: I'm resurrecting this thread. I talked to Phil today and he pointed out that it's soon September!


Are we going with bring a weird wine with food? One bottle per person? Will that work for everybody or do you think we need more structure?

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