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Austin: Get Together in September

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I think that will work as well.


I know what I am bringing...............papaya and roasted poblano pepper quesedas. A certain chef at Central Market made them the other night. He tells me the origin for recipes started here in Austin.


Jane.............I will also go to Ace Mart and buy a big stack of plates or knifes/forks or napkins and donate them to the cause. That way you won't have to always make sure you have them. Let me know what is best.

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Hey, guys.............it's about 10 or so days before the next get together. Weird foods is the topic, I believe. Someone cut an article out of the newspaper about fried PB&J with banana sandwiches being served at the State Fair. That may be my entry at the get together on the 23rd. You never know. I understand that PB&J with bananas was a favorite of Elivs'.


Some one told me that Red Queen does a mean Elvis impression. Who all is planning on attending?

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joiei: just bring yourself!


PM me about logistics for the day: we'll be glad to have you park at our house and then ferry you to the ACL site....or at least as close as we can get!!

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Paul and I are still planning to come too. We'll be coming into Austin (from Seattle via Santa Fe and Albuquerque) late Friday afternoon, what time does the get together start? Also, like joiei, I won't be able to prepare a "dish" for the event. I'm sure I can come up with some weird, travelable things to contribute - is that okay?


Thanks for including us in this and foodie52 for hosting. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

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Just got back from 5 days in Oak Creek Canyon/Sedona AZ--FABULOUS!  And, I'll be there with a shrimp dish that I promise will be Austin Weird....

So did you slide down the falls on your fanny*?


(*Fanny as in American slang.)

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