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Austin: Get Together in September

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Hi All. Denny and I have spent the last few weeks helping to set up a long-term shelter on a campground out here in the hill country. With Rita coming on, we are expecting 200 people tomorrow who are being evacuated from a Galveston shelter for Katrina victims. Looks like we won't make it Friday night. But, we want to know the complete menu, please.

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If the weather turns ugly, then we won't meet. It's not supposed to be bad until Saturday. We'll be here, along with joiei and whoever else wants to show up.


Play it by ear. Give us a ring if you decide not to come so that we don't worry about you.

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Hey guys,


We won't be venturing out tonight, not because of the weather, but because I've been under the weather for the last few days, and the babies have been going through some bad schedule/sleeping changes, too... Hope everyone has a great time--if it doesn't look like anyone's spotted our message before the festivities start, we'll give you a buzz to say hi and see how weird things really are!



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OK, fitz: we will miss you, but heavens : we DO understand!


Get well soon, and we shall see you at the next event (which will be at NYTexan's place, I do believe...)


Hey, this is gonna be a party for RITA!

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I was going to email each one separately, but decided to take the easy route instead. Foodie52, Red Queen, memesuze, NewYorkTexan, Napavalleyphil, Laura(from Seattle), Mrs. NewYorkTexan, Keith and John (the best designated driver I have found in Austin) thank you for your hospitality. It was so much fun meeting everyone and sharing a meal with you all. ACL the second day was great but HOT. I am going to pass on that today and wander down to the Pecan Street festival and see what kinds of street food I can find there. At ACL, the pheasant, andoullie and quail gumbo was probably my favorite, Stubbs BBQ chopped beef sandwich was very good, much better than that other place (Napavalleyphil, i will give it another try on my next trip down. Could of been just that one sandwich that was bad), the chicken wrap from Maudie's was okay, the Crawfish enchiladas from Prejeans (the gumbo spot) was excellent.


So you all know, I have a dinner date with Theabroma in Dallas tonight, she is picking out the spot, my only requirement was that it had to be casual, like shorts casual.


Thank you again for your warm welcome and listen, if any of you find yourself anywhere near my neck of the woods, shout out.


In the meantime, my next big happening in Tulsa is the Oklahoma Sugar Arts Show that happens the first weekend of Oct at the Tulsa State Fair.


I will be back down. Larry

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I loved all the food:


RedQueen's "Shrimp on the Barbie" with her very own Barbie doll sitting pretty amongst the shrimp ) was definitely weird. Killer dipping sauce, by the way.Phil's excellent homemade sausage and cheese (he couldn't bring himself to put on a hunk o' cheddar, so there was Brie instead.....)


NYTexan's classy Manchego with quince paste and Marcona almonds rocked. I did the cheese tray as well: Sage Derby, Gjetost, Dorothei Potato Chip Goat and a couple others, plus slices of my very own 2004 fruit cake and mini kiwis seemed to be well received.


Memesuze's salads were excellent: nothing weird about them, except that it's weird that I don't have the recipes for them.....yet....


Did I forget anyone?? Lovely wines as well: I'll let NYTexan explain his when he can get around to it. Memesuze: I'm enjoying the rest of the Colvin Cab Sauv even as I write!


Sorry it was so hot out, guys. It's got to cool off SOME time, right???


Til November, then. I'll post occasionally in the Australia forum while I am there for the month of October. Stay tuned.

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