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There's an Italian name for polenta made with fresh corn. Of course I don't know it. (Probably it's something like "Polenta Fresca", and I'm an idiot.) It's quite different from normal polenta -- and very very delicious.


ETA -- It's amazing how easy it is to get to Hoboken (and Jersey City, too), right?


That's helped sell a lot of the real estate adjacent to the PATH Newport station. It's been said that you can get from Wall Street to Essex Street in Jersey City and onto your sailboat (they have a boat concierge) in under 20 minutes.


There's a lot going on in Jersey City, Hoboken, and Edgewater with the PATH, light rail, and ferry service.

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I'll be going in a couple weeks to burn up a gift certificate.


If you've never gone for the suckling pig, gather up a few people (4-6 I think they recommend) and make a plan to. It's pretty damn special. (And what particularly amazed me was that, yeah, the wood fired pig was great, but the sides with it were even better.)


One thing I've noticed over the years is that the cocktails can range from sublime to rather painfully unbalanced. But the food has never not been great.

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Very sad.

I live half a mile away and really only got there maybe once a year. Glad to have had one last fabulous night of eating and drinking there back in January. But sad that we only did the pig roast once.

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