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Thought we needed a thread on places we walk by, places we hear about, places we want feedback on without starting a thread about it (yet)...   So last night we walked by Lure Fishbar. I love the l

Walked by that newish place Turquoise on E. 81. Nice fish menu - lots of whole fish, and meditarannean stuff. Not wacky expensive, believe it or not. If they do all the fish well, might be nice. N

I went a few months ago. I liked the wings; the potato mochi are good if you don't mind the typical mochi texture. They're served with a sweetish sauce and lots of butter. The place really is small

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It's hard to find chicken stuffed with eel.


Almost all of the other dishes sound accessible enough to have broad appeal.


I like the sound of it. Pork with eel is a fine Cantonese hot pot dish.


The chef, Chris Cheung, has been involved with a couple of Chinese-fusion-type ventures (all of which I missed).

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Chris is a great guy. Had a place called Tiger Blossom back in 2001, before that was chef at Celadon, opened Bar Henry a couple of years ago, and consulted on a lot of other places. He had hoped to write a book about REAL Chinese food (that's how I met him) but I guess he came to his senses.

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I am a big fan of the Vietnamese types Cajun places that are out west.. The Boiling Crab and more specifically, I really like Hot N Juicy Crawfish. I noticed this the other day and am very excited to come here.



If you are ever in Houston there are many of this sort of place in the Asian malls in the Westchase(ish) area.

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