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Why isn't a crab shack on the LES on my radar? Anyone know about The Boil?

I think I just read something else about it, but didn't even know it had opened.


There's also a somewhat new place on Allen St. called Links that I'm a little bit interested in.

Daniel already posted about it here.

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Thought we needed a thread on places we walk by, places we hear about, places we want feedback on without starting a thread about it (yet)...   So last night we walked by Lure Fishbar. I love the l

Walked by that newish place Turquoise on E. 81. Nice fish menu - lots of whole fish, and meditarannean stuff. Not wacky expensive, believe it or not. If they do all the fish well, might be nice. N

I went a few months ago. I liked the wings; the potato mochi are good if you don't mind the typical mochi texture. They're served with a sweetish sauce and lots of butter. The place really is small

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It's in Jackson Heights. The Williamsburg crowd is afraid to travel there lest they be savaged by wolves or attacked by Indians.


That article did make me research Bowen's other BBQ place, John Brown's in LIC. Looks pretty good and also unhyped.


True, and the white hipster community in JH is still small (and they're too busy going to Nepalese places and taco trucks).


John Brown's was decent in its Astoria incarnation. We also have Butcher Bar which I have yet to go to.

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We also have Butcher Bar which I have yet to go to.


We've been there twice and thought it was better than we expected it to be. Not a destination place but quite good if you're around there and want a well done bbq.

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In Japan he'll only go to Shake Shack.


And Sarabeth's for brunch.

Don't forget Union Square Tokyo.


And Grand Central Oyster Bar, Il Mulino, Nobu, Dean & Deluca, Doughnut Plant... no shortage of great imports for those who wish to avoid the questionable local fare. Too bad there's no Carbone yet.

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