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I'm in the 34th street camp - but I think the area north of flatiron south of 34th is slowly becoming a real midtown kind of working area. I suspect that next big office cycle we'll start to see some of those old industrial buildings come down and modern curtain wall office buildings go up.

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Thought we needed a thread on places we walk by, places we hear about, places we want feedback on without starting a thread about it (yet)...   So last night we walked by Lure Fishbar. I love the l

Walked by that newish place Turquoise on E. 81. Nice fish menu - lots of whole fish, and meditarannean stuff. Not wacky expensive, believe it or not. If they do all the fish well, might be nice. N

I went a few months ago. I liked the wings; the potato mochi are good if you don't mind the typical mochi texture. They're served with a sweetish sauce and lots of butter. The place really is small

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Extending Chelsea much above 23rd Street is pushing it. That area is more like Clinton.


(it's--almost-- August and I am bored so happy to argue about this and whoever said various neighborhood boundaries may change over time 100% correct imho)

Ooh ooh - I could talk for hours about the Chelsea border. Can it really be East of 7th? NFW


What's the northern boundary - I say its actually a diagonal like from 23rd and 7th and the high 20's on 10th Ave


Are the Galleries/High Line in Chelsea. I don't know but I could see going to war over this.



I have streeteasy set to alert me to two bedrooms in Chelsea. Lets just say we disagree.


i agree with you about 7th as the eastern border. And am willing to admit that west of 9th the boundary has crept further north (and is almost entirely galleries/development related). I would say that Highline runs through WV, MP, Chelsea, Clinton but is viewed as tres Chelsea. Those of us who live west of 8th do tend to say we live in West Chelsea for whatever that is worth.

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Interesting. I would have said West Chelsea started at tenth and that it was really just the galleries.


I have good friends who have fund in the Starrett-Leigh building and that doesn't seem Chelsea-ish at all to me.

Give it time.


And I meant to say west of 9th not 8th. Doh.

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New place on the southwest corner of 2nd Ave and 7th St (in the former Picnic space, which lasted only a few months): San Marzano.

Looks like they're open. Website. They serve all house-made pastas that you match with a sauce for only $9. How bad could it be?

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Anything know about Vin sur Vingt, in the Flatiron? Very traditional French small plates, and claims to serve 50 wines by the glass-but doesn't provide even a sample list on the website.


ETA: I thought it sounded familiar. Must be related to the Village spot of the same name I've walked past many times but not investigated. Or did it move?

Walked by original location last night.


Still there.

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I wonder how many people know part of Manhattan is on the United States mainland, thanks to the Harlem River's shenanigans. :)

It turns out you can still trace the original riverbed if you walk around there.


Pretty amazing to get from Manhattan to the Bronx just by walking up the street.

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