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Thought we needed a thread on places we walk by, places we hear about, places we want feedback on without starting a thread about it (yet)...   So last night we walked by Lure Fishbar. I love the l

Walked by that newish place Turquoise on E. 81. Nice fish menu - lots of whole fish, and meditarannean stuff. Not wacky expensive, believe it or not. If they do all the fish well, might be nice. N

I went a few months ago. I liked the wings; the potato mochi are good if you don't mind the typical mochi texture. They're served with a sweetish sauce and lots of butter. The place really is small

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17 hours ago, small h said:

Oh! I thought that menu was for Crab Du Jour. My bad. I'm waiting for Crab Du Jour to open, 'cause they deliver. The other is pickup only.

I saw them hanging the new sign the other day, so it must be close!

11 hours ago, AaronS said:

the one in park slope was slammed from the minute they opened, mostly with people who traveled to eat there. it's part of a chain from boston.

Have you ever tried?

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Wow, I really liked this chef's food, and didn't know about this place...

Winner in Park Slope.


Winner, in Park Slope, is too far from my own Brooklyn neighborhood for me to walk round-trip on an empty stomach. But in almost every other way, it is my ideal pandemic restaurant and its rotisserie chicken, brushed with smoked honey and rounded out with a pound or so of roasted potatoes, some braised kale and a noticeably fresh sourdough baguette, is my ideal pandemic meal.

One way the restaurant achieves this is by refusing to do delivery. You can order breakfast and lunch at the window; dinner has to be arranged in advance, by email. Either way, your first encounter is with one of Winner’s employees or Mr. Eddy himself, not a third-party app. Apps may be convenient, but I’ve never used an app that remembered that a member of my household has a life-threatening food allergy, as a Winner employee did the second time I placed a dinner order. Nor have I had one offer to set aside a few loaves of bread, which typically sell out by late afternoon.


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On 1/27/2021 at 4:27 PM, Wilfrid said:

I hadn't noticed them.

What was that theater district place with the sign outside "good food and solid drinks that's our philosophy"?

Charlie O's!

Friedman's, by nature of having a broad menu that does lots of gluten free stuff, and does it creditably well, is a family favorite (my two boys both have Celiac). We've been multiple times to each location. 

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Thanks for that!

I never ate there, but I always wanted to so that I could tell my server "phenomenological ontology" - and when s/he looked puzzled, I'd say "that's my philosophy."


(Is it sad that I probably made that joke up over 20 years ago?)

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On 3/2/2021 at 7:21 AM, joethefoodie said:

I saw them hanging the new sign the other day, so it must be close!

Crab Du Jour! We ordered in on their second day of business. I called to make sure they delivered, and to ask which service they preferred that I use (ChowNow, via Crab du Jour's website). The guy I spoke to was very nice, made sure I had the promo code ($5 off) and told me that if I was quoted a long wait time, I should call back and he'd expedite. So that was promising. Food arrived on time, 45:00 after I ordered.

The food's not bad, and I'd happily get it again. We had snow crab (very good), crawfish (fine), head-on shrimp (good, but hard to peel) and black mussels (shrivel-y, avoid). All came with a boiled red potato and a half-ear of corn, both exactly as you'd expect. I had Cajun sauce for the crawfish, which was pretty nice when it was hot, but immediately congealed into yellow paste as it cooled - there's a lot of butter in it. And the house sauce for the crab, which was pleasant but didn't really taste like much except for a gentle heat. This is my entire half pound of snow crab and about half of my crawfish.


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Well, first of all, you left out that it comes with yogurt!

Seriously though, when the 2 of them presented at The NY Times Food Show last year, Roni emphasized that the only way they would've been able to open Adda is by locating it in a god forsaken spot where the real estate was reasonable.  I'm guessing that their rent is much higher in the new spot.  However, from my side of the table, it'd better be a damn big rabbit.

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