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Motorino - fine but not special-trip worthy. unless you're craving some roasted mortadella maybe. Margherita DOC was the best of the bunch (decent sopressata, ok brussels sprouts/speck, forget the burrata/sausage), but why the hell do they put parmigiano on top? and sauce a little watery. butternut squash app eh.


no idea whether the chef/owner was there (it was Monday after New Year's Day), the food did not seem to be prepared with great care.

i guess it's good for the neighborhood though. byo for now.


gotta go back to franny's, it's really the only pizza i ever want to go back for. and it's been a while.

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Thought we needed a thread on places we walk by, places we hear about, places we want feedback on without starting a thread about it (yet)...   So last night we walked by Lure Fishbar. I love the l

Walked by that newish place Turquoise on E. 81. Nice fish menu - lots of whole fish, and meditarannean stuff. Not wacky expensive, believe it or not. If they do all the fish well, might be nice. N

I went a few months ago. I liked the wings; the potato mochi are good if you don't mind the typical mochi texture. They're served with a sweetish sauce and lots of butter. The place really is small

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Tables for Two makes Cafe Select sound unusual at least. Chäschüechile. Flädli. Neither of those means "farm egg", anyway.


Any opinions?


By the way, I can't resist displaying the full URL:




Goat? Tables? Lyon?


Tasty, potentially. :cool:


can't remember where i got this from but had saved it as it sounded tempting....



Fondue at Café Select

This Swiss cafe transforms into a fondue-only spot every Sunday, with apples and fingerling potatoes ready to be dipped into pots of bubbling gruyere. You'll also get a quarter liter of white wine and a shot of cherry brandy on the side to sweeten the deal. Literally.

411: Sundays starting at 11am, 212 Lafayette St (between Kenmare and Spring), 212-925-9322




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i have been and it is very very nice. brilliant idea on their parts. i want them to have full armor before EATALY opens at 250 fifth av. the 60,000 sq ft italian supermarket run by joe bastianich. room for both of course but i want nothing to hamper lou and his dynasty.

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I've been as well,and the store has a well selected bunch of Italian wines.Ask Lou about Alto Adige[and their underestimated wines].

the store looks beautiful. nice wines and obviously selected with care and interest. i found a wine i love that i have not seen at any other wine store in the city and also a few wines i'd love to try.


the prices don't go super-high, no wines under $15 though

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