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Clueless questions II (The Ones You Really Want Answered)

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dropbox is secure.


Easy way is to highlight what you want printed and "Set Print Area"


Which if you are stuck with the latest abomination from Redmond is on the page layout tab, Print Area pull down.

i should say, to make things worse i am using the mac version. so i think that's the page setup thingy for me

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My life sucks so badly that I have both the Mac and PC versions open at the moment. - its under the file dropdown - as it was with all right and proper versions of xls.

found it! gonna try it now. thanks again

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So you highlighted just the area you wanted printed - and just the columns you wanted printed , then you "Set Print Area" and then you hit print preview and what did it show?

it showed the same print preview as i had before. i had tried that once before you suggested it but thought i did it wrong maybe my sheet is broken?

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i figured it out. whoever made the template had left formatted cells outside of what would be the print area. i hunted for the formatting deleted it and no more extra pages. woo hoo! soon, i'll be qualified to be an executive assistant. :-)

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