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Clueless questions II (The Ones You Really Want Answered)

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where do baby corns come from?   all joking aside, are they just regular corn that's picked before it's grown?

Whenever a colleague says "Can I ask a stupid question?", I respond, "Can you ask any other kind?". Just one of the reasons I am universally loved.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.   Chemicals volatizing from the salt because of temperature? (Guessing.)

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are frozen chanterelles irredeemable?


I lost the chanterelles I bought today. I checked the trunk of my car, but I didn't see them and it was too cold to do a proper search. I'm guessing they're in the recesses of the trunk and I am hoping to find them tomorrow (they've been there for about 10 hours, so they're probably frozen by now).


I'm hoping I can still saute them in butter should I be able to find them.

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I had the leaf lard in the freezer for eight months, and used it to make mini biscuits--like the size of a large coat button- to serve with champagne before a dinner I served on Saturday. They were great, very flaky, and 6 people managed to hoover up three dozen.

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Anyone know a graphic designer who could produce a finished version of a company logo? The design is already created, but it's hand-drawn. This is paid, but it's for a small start-up, so looking for a bargain.


Please PM if you can help--thanks.

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