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Clueless questions II (The Ones You Really Want Answered)

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where do baby corns come from?   all joking aside, are they just regular corn that's picked before it's grown?

Whenever a colleague says "Can I ask a stupid question?", I respond, "Can you ask any other kind?". Just one of the reasons I am universally loved.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.   Chemicals volatizing from the salt because of temperature? (Guessing.)

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my kids want mango sorbet.

the best mango sorbet I’ve had was at indian accent, where they probably roasted the mangos. roasting them seems like the best way to go, given the kinds of mangos I’m gonna be able to find.

do I just roast them at 300 until they brown and then proceed with a normal recipe? sprinkle with sugar before they go in the oven?

will roasting less than perfectly ripe mangos be counter productive?

anyone happen to have the indian accent book?

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One of the items I got from my parents was a 45-year-old electric nonstick crepe maker.  N tried to make a batch today and never managed to get things to to stick properly; as soon as she dipped the maker into the batter, the crepe-to-be would slide right off.  If anyone has ever used one of these things, I'd love tips on technique.  We used them in French class when I was in school, but that was decades ago and I don't remember much.

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A seemingly somewhat unhinged person has been posting on our coop Facebook page about being unable to sublet his apartment because he's not a shareholder, he's a stockholder. I understood these terms to be interchangeable.

The long version is that he is the executor of his father's estate and has inherited the apartment. The coop board refuses to allow him to sell at his asking price because the board thinks the price too low. I've been under the impression that the right of first refusal compels the coop to either buy the apartment or let the guy sell it for whatever he wants (I may be wrong about this, as I am about so many things).

Can anyone shed some light on this situation? He's leaving increasingly angry replies to people who are offering opinions and suggestions (along the lines of what I've posted above).

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The short answer is that every co-op is different with respect to the approval of transactions when the shareholder was not approved by the board as a resident. (and that also relates to the rants about shares vs stock - iirc there's something about taking title, but I read too many leases to remember exactly)

If the ranting person can provide the language used by the board to block the transaction that might help because they might be claiming something different (e.g. the buyer is not a viable tenant) 

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