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Musings on life's twists and turns

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Well friends: Nataly got engaged today ! She and her boyfriend of 5 years are in Costa Rica on holiday and he popped the question. Our girl is getting married!!!!!

So last Saturday in the Austin paper we read about Colombian orphans in town, hoping to be adopted. Hmmm...interesting.....my husband made a phone call - just to ask, that's all.   Right.   Yester

http://www.flickr.com/photos/93958605@N00/12180982133/   Nataly is doing great. She has a job in the Deli dept. at HEB. She lives with her boyfriend, a 6'4" redheaded graduate from the Univ. of Texa

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In an effort to lower blood pressure without medication, someone near-and-dear has given up coffee, salt, alcohol and nsaids.


His blood pressure has plummeted, but he laments that he is wandering around in a stupor, food tastes like crap, there is no joie de vie in mineral water and he feels like he's been run over by a truck.

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