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cheeses i've recently tried

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Of those two: the top one is after dinner one night; the bottom one is a breakfast.


At dinners, the cheese service came around and I chose the cheeses and they were cut for me and served. Dinner was usually soup, first course, salad, second course, cheese, dessert.




For breakfasts - the cheeses are all out, and I served myself. Breakfasts also included a large variety of meats, breads and rolls, fruit, muesli, yogurt, eggs, omelettes, pastries...well you name it basically.

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i was just wondering what cheeses people were trying now, maybe because of the season's offerings or just because. i was buying some favorites recently and then got turned onto two new one's that seem

Hmmm, the Boucheron I had didn't taste or look mass-produced. I'll have to ask them about that.   I wish I could eat some cheese right now, but I'm coughing up auto parts with the cold Logie brough

In addition to the Brillat-Savarin and Boucheron cheeses I brought home on New Year's Eve, I also got a Truf, a special soft goat cheese with truffles from Caseificio dell'Alta Langa, which is in the

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oh, my... those photos...i died and went to heaven! i can only imagine how great the cheese must have been


Maurice, nice to see you around - i looked at Patte d'Ours (i have some black cherry jam lying around, and i like to eat cheese with my eyes closed :) ), looks like i could get it through fromages.com - has anyone bought from them?


also, they have a good guide to cutting your cheese

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Every once in a while, Sahadi adds a new cheese into their rotation. Last time I got the Blacksticks Blue that Wilf mentioned -- good creamy orange blue.


A bit sharp. Tasty, though not among my top tier of blues.


Today, maybe in honor of St. Paddy's, they had an Irish cheese called Cooleeney Seamrog. Handmade in Tipperary, a camembert-style cheese. Described thus:

Cooleeney is a white mould ripened soft cheese. It is made using vegetarian rennet, from raw or pasteurised milk. The flavour when ripe is robust, soft creamy to buttery in texture with a mushroomy tanginess unlike any other soft ripened cheese.



I must have looked sadly puzzled as I stood over the cheese case because one of the guys offered to cut open a new round for me to taste (a first, in my experience). Not quite ripe yet, I think. Chalky and goaty in the middle (though it's all cow) and creamy brie-like outside. Quite delicious though. I'll let it sit for a while before I crack the thing open.


A small .6 lb round, $6. A bargain.



Edit: Artisanal has a long article on Cooleeney Farm part 1, part 2.

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A knockout of a cheese which I discovered for the first time today.



Lazy Lady's Barick O'Bauma. Cow's milk washed in stout. Creamy, beautiful texture, grassy, barnyardy, funky. It's fantastic.


Also got Thistle Hill Farms' Mountain Gruyere - nice, but nothing to write home about.


Both of these cheeses are made in VT - I bought them in a little store near the NY/VT border.

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