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Aug 22 New Yorker

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For those worried that The New Yorker may be blurring the line between editorial content and commercialism, executives of the magazine and Target offered reassurances that there would be no equivalent of The New Yorker mascot, Eustace Tilley, staring at a butterfly through a monocle covered with a Target bull's-eye.


"The editorial integrity of our product is a big thing," David Carey, vice president and publisher of The New Yorker, said in an interview at his office in Times Square.


"People often say, 'We'd like to do something in The New Yorker that's never been done before,' but we have high standards," Mr. Carey said. "There are some ads we don't accept if they break the format of the magazine."


So while The New Yorker will run "a few scent strips a year" and gatefold cover ads, he added, the magazine has rejected ads in formats like the Dutch door, when a front cover, split in two, unfolds to reveal an ad inside.


Target was not told in advance what the editorial contents or the cover of the issue would be, Mr. Carey said, and there is to be no editorial acknowledgement of the sponsorship. (An ad identifying the illustrators is to run in the back pages of the issue.)




First Time in 80 Years

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I just got mine in the mail yesterday. Did you see the slate article about it?




Only recently did the "Bloomingdale's of the discount industry" vanquish Wal-Mart and Kmart to win the hearts and minds of the middlebrow. Moreover, when compared to the modish boutiques that usually advertise in the New Yorker, Target looks rather vulgar;...


I'm not sure why Target ads are more middlebrow or vulgar than the usual Louis Vuitton ones. Isn't all fashion (as much as I love it) middlebrow and slightly vulgar?


If anything, the idea of high design attainable by the masses has the more "highbrow" lineage if you go back to the Bauhaus and other communist-sympathetic design collectives, not to mention more contemporary folks like Moshe Safdie for example.

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Guest Suzanne F

What's Walmart?


(Please note: I do not ask "What's K-Mart?" because I know I shopped in one in or near Detroit in the mid-1970s. The window fan is still working. But as for the others . . . ?)

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