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Franny's: Pizza in Park Slope

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the ramp pasta was good as you would expect it to be but my wife had this strange pizza with some kind of ham product on it that was really excellent and didn't have anything super seasonal on it IIRC.

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NY Metro has a piece this week about Franny's in Park Slope, which they describe as OTTO, but in the pizzeria world. The writers suggest this is one of the great pizzerias in NY, not just in Brooklyn.

And I haven't been at all.

I'd like to pit Franny against Mrs. Totonno in a cage match.

(Happily, though, we've reached the post-ramp time of the great Ramp Gibson, the pickled ramp perfectly sharpening the gin/vermouth around it. Better even than the Smoked Okra Gibson served in my home.)



My TX version is the pickled quail egg Gibson. Also fantastic.

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Mouthfuls actually broke that story on the internet.


OK, then. If it's out it's out:


The big news is: FRANNY'S IS MOVING . . . to Park Slope.


Yes, Franny's is crossing the street to much larger quarters (much closer to my apartment, too -- so Prospect Heights' loss is my gain).


Their new location is of some interest to old Brooklynites. It's the former Blockbuster store on Flatbush between Sterling and 8th Ave. It was a Blockbuster for more than 20 years. Before that, however, it was a bistro. Not just any bistro. A bistro started by people who came out of the kitchen of La Cote Basque but, living in Brooklyn, wanted to take advantage of the lower real estate costs and cook for their neighborhood. In other words: early NBC! Too early, unfortunately: the bistro opened around 1985, and, excellent as it was, the neighborhood just wasn't ready to support it. It was a large space (happily for Franny's), and they couldn't fill it with French cooking. Soon, they put a divider down the middle of the dining room, and half remained devoted to French bistro food, the other half to fried whiting sandwiches. The fried whiting sandwiches did much better than the bistro food, and eventually the whole place went under and morphed into a Blockbuster.


The bistro truly was excellent. They served a bourride that, at least in memory, was even better than Alain Allegretti's. The bistro was also the site of the single most uncomfortable dinner I've ever attended, where my parents met my prospective in-laws for the first time.


Even more interesting, though, is the bistro's predecessor. It was a legendary Brooklyn catering hall that had closed just before I moved into the neighborhood. Generations of Brooklynites celebrated weddings and other occasions there. I can't recall its name. Maybe Steve R. can.


So now this will be the new expanded home of Franny's. As of now, I'm told they're planning on keeping roughly the same format. There will be two brick ovens. In addition to a large dining room, I'm told they'll have a private dining room and a take-out counter (which, given this location's proximity to two subway stops, will mint money). I'm betting there'll STILL be a wait for seating.


BUT that's not all. Franny's is also holding onto its current location. It will be used for some other purpose. I'm sure that one idea being bandied about is a fine dining restaurant. Since it's fairly near the new basketball arena, however, other uses suggest themselves as well. I'm told the kitchen facility (including the oven) will remain in any event, though.

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