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Impossible Meat


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I was served it at someone's home.

Someone who acts like I've insulted her when she asks me for a recommendation of an Asian restaurant in Queens and I send her somewhere whose menu says they use MSG, but apparently feels fine about serving something made with GM yeast.

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4 hours ago, small h said:

Oh! I had not considered that possibility. I have also not considered the possibility that a restaurant menu would list MSG as an ingredient, so obviously I am very sheltered. Anyway, I'm sorry you had food that hates you.

Officially you're not allowed to add msg to food in nyc.

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10 hours ago, small h said:

Then why would a restaurant cop to using it, as this implies?


Actually I checked and they changed the code - it still states (falsely) that "Excessive use of sulfites and MSG have both resulted in serious allergic reaction among sensitive individuals." (sulfites yes, msg no) but now allows its use if it is disclosed. This follows an FDA change from 2022 that removed MSG as a risk factor. 

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