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What are you drinking?

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Tasted last night:


Blasio Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva from Dolianova, 2001. Lots of cherry and spice, a good food wine. A steal at $18


Aglianico del Vulture Riserva from Tenute del Portale, 1999. Slightly tannic with very bright fruit. Exceptional at $22.


Taurasi Riserva from Vigna Vittorai, 1998. A very big, slightly oaky wine. would be good with food with equally big flavors. $33


Picheri Terrarossa from Vincola Savese, 2002. Promising but needs more age. $22


I'm discovering I looove Southern Italian wines.

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Speaking of Southern Italian, I'm drinking L'Anima, a Negroamaro from Puglia. Very spicy, not fruit heavy at all. Cherry, leather. As the name implies, it's beautiful in the glass. And a total steal at $10. I'm new to this varietal but a quick search tells me it's frequently an inexpensive wine, not grown at all in the US.

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