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They're transferring to Bedford, so more of a sentimental than a practical loss, but sad all the same.


Have they been amalgamated with Charlie Wells then?? I think they do have an IPA, but their Special has been my poison of choice on many an occasion too. I saw today that Shephard's Neame (Spitfire and Bishop's Finger) have the longest continuously operating brewery in the UK - but I think the date they gave was after 1581 so there may have been some dodgy claims going on....

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I had a cask IPA last Friday. I really should have written the name down, it was very good. It was an American micro that I hadn't heard of, so I assume midwestern. Dark, which is not how I usually expect them to be. Nice and bitter, and didn't do the usual American craft beer thing of tasting like something besides beer. (You know what I mean?)


Will have to ask what it was next time I go.


Edit: Hm, I am pretty sure it was listed as an IPA and I remember it being darker than I expected but now I think I am mixing up two different things. Whatever it was, it was cask, bitter and very good.


I also like the Three Floyd's stuff. Is that available outside the midwest?

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