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It's the Fall Preview issue of New York magazine, and there's a profile of Batali's new Meatpacking District place, Del Posto.     More Fall Preview food stuff

Actually hiring their CdC did

Wow. I don't disbelieve you in any way but those rates are pretty unbelievable.

Too much toxic yogurt these days. Too much agar. No mas! And that's coming from me.


Anyway, a brief trip to New York "forced" upon me because I submitted some paperwork and some people there want to check my ethics. I hope they don't read mouthfuls. A good excuse to see some old friends and to step up to the gavage, but only enough time to see one of you for some mid-afternoon hockey and a Black Label Burger. Next time, I'll be a better anonymous friend, also because Lex owes me a beer (I saw the wall at Torst sir). Anyway, it's nice to be a tourist in a city made for tourists.


So, instead of fighting about yogurt, I figured I'd give you all something we all can agree on: Del Posto is a really nice place to have lunch. For the price of a joethefoodie bar snack, you can get a pretty strong meal, in a nice adult room, with unobtrusive service that you can have a really nice conversation with and gives you hockey updates, and you can almost 100% sincerely enjoy the piano guy. The hint of irony in your enjoyment is a nice bit of seasoning. There is no smarm or snark here, the dueling foibles of bad bidet fine dining service. It's elegant. I liked it.


We drank a bottle of soave. We were down sold. I liked that.


The food is good. Four stars is too much, one Michelin star may be too few. The lobster sandwich in the amuse troika didn't light my fire, but the truffled celery root soup did. Similarly, the lobster salad app seemed like really good hotel food, while the vitello tonnato was something much more but not something transcendent. The pastas are among the best I've had. Heady porcini raviolis with toasted chestnuts and pork and veal agnolotti with parsnip puree and espresso were knock out good. The duck main was tender and the pork was well cooked, the shoulder wrapped in sage leaf and pancetta was probably the best bite of the course. As good as when the French do it fancy-like? No, but maybe a bit more comforting. Somewhere in there, we mentioned that we loved Brooks's work at Komi (it came up when the olive oil gelato was not on the menu). This lead to an attempt to bury us in some of the best traditional pastries I've ever had. Hazelnut gelato with an apricot (?) gelee as a pre dessert? Yeah. Then it's a blur. There's a vivid and savory pecorino cake, there's olive oil gelato, there's a butterscotch semifreddo, I can't remember it all but there's a lot and it's all delicious. And then there's the candy box, and the chocolate sculpture, and Brooks smashing a cookie on the table, and more cookies, and some amaro, and it's all really good.


It's easy to like a place when you're comped up the wazoo, but we were well on the way to really liking it before the insane dessert fest from one of my favourite pastry chefs. At lunch, at least, there felt like there was the spirit of generosity you want from fine dining (keep this thought in mind guys, it will matter later). The restaurant is polished, professional and friendly. You all know this and, because you're not tourists, you can't get there for lunch and do it like this. But if you can, do.


Since I know that you're wondering, what else do you have to look forward to? Some outside of NY - The Butcher Shop in Boston, Thirty Acres in JC - some inside NY - Carbone, Luksus, Uncle Boons. Maybe notes on Dominique Ansel, Minetta, Spotted Pig, IBA, maybe not. Some cocktails, some espresso.

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I remember my Character Committee interview well.


The man asked me why I went to law school.


Naively thinking I should answer the Character Committee's questions honestly, I said, "My father is a shoe salesman. I want to enter the upper middle class."


The man asked me whether I wanted to do justice.


"As a professional attorney I'm obligated to represent my client. I don't think my own opinions of what's just are allowed to interfere with that," I answered.


He was about to bounce me. I almost didn't become a lawyer.


I finally squeaked through when it came out that I favor Miranda warnings.

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This isn't even a job interview. It's an interview where they determine -- get this -- whether you have a good enough character to be a lawyer.

After you've already passed an exam testing your knowledge of legal ethics. It's like the distinction between law and equity in practice.


Aren't you glad that I came back to introduce civility back into the board?

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This isn't even a job interview. It's an interview where they determine -- get this -- whether you have a good enough character to be a lawyer.

I wonder what types of people they reject. :D



Previous interviews.


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