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Remastered Frank's Wild Years by Tom Waits. The last record in a series of concept albums-- Swordfishtrombones, Rain Dogs and Frank's Wild Years. 

Such a wonderfully unique collection of songs and musicians taking musical conventions, scattering them to the wind and pairing the parts that remain with touching and surprising lyrical detail. One of the best at the height of his powers. 

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Best pop group in the world unveiled new tour dates today. Bunch of godawful places in England and Wales.

Given that they can sell out the Music Hall of Williamsburg almost instantly why isn’t a promoter bringing them here?

Ana is going to get some DMs about this.

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On 9/7/2023 at 4:33 PM, Sneakeater said:

Thinking it over, what pisses me off about that video is that it isn't particularly about the song, and it de-ages the Stones for no reason other than not to show them as they are now.  Instead of having anything to do with the song, all the video shows is this Hot Young Woman writhing in response to The Stones -- clearly directed at an audience of Dirty Old Men who cherish the illusion that The Stones (and I guess by extension they) can still elicit such responses.  Since as The TImes pointed out today, Actual Young People barely know who The Rolling Stones are.

And the Rolling Stones will be touring the US in 2024 including their first ever appearance at Jazzfest in New Orleans. 

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When we first started listening to Chronic Town, R.E.M.'s debut EP (thanks to a piece I'd read by Christgau in the Voice), my then partner, other friends and I would often listen and try to figure out what lyrics were being sung.

We never did.

And I was lucky enough to see them on their first swing through California, at the Keystone Palo Alto, in June, 1983.

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10 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

The single biggest miracle of The Monkees was that there was no reason to expect the star of Circus Boy to be a really really strong rock singer.

(There was also no reason to expect him to be a competent drummer -- and he wasn't.)


Had he been a really strong songwriter his career would have been  fascinating.

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