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Vegan Vixens!

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Clearly they have not studied their Alan Richman. Or maybe they have.


"I've always felt vegans are best avoided, and they have certain attributes that make them easy to identify and evade. First is their grimness. At the vegan restaurant Angelica Kitchen, in New York's East Village, I asked my waitress, an attractive young woman with green fingernails, for some of the best vegan pickup lines tried on her. She replied bluntly, 'Vegans aren't funny.' Another is their pallor, a minor side effect of existing on a diet that cannot sustain human life. A third is the miso stains on their hemp wear .

Alan Richman, "My Beef With Vegans," in Fork It Over: The Intrepid Adventures of a Professional Eater.

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He's right about the pallor which underscores the faux vegans analysis.

No pallor here.


Or here.


Or on her:




She is the owner of the new raw foods restaurant in Santa Cruz. Before I knew that, I had noticed a) her beauty (inner and outer) and the sheen on her hair, which you can't see well in that light. She's just radiant.

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