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As I think Orik said, "it is that time again."   I will be in Paris for a few days in the beginning of December, any recommendations? New ones, old standbys? Places to avoid?   I have a bunch o

I suspect Bruni or Paglia wrote that review.

Had lunch here last week and it was so good I've booked dinner for next month!.   Added bonus of being right by the metro on the 8 line.

Miguel, go to one of the Flo places for seafood, for sure. Bofinger, La Coupole...if you're going to choose one, go to Bofinger. Nice room.


Special mention also to La Cave at L'Os a Moelle. It's a wine bar with small plates of food, menu changes daily....we hung out there for a while while we were waiting for a table at the restaurant (L'Os a Moelle) and we were sorry we didn't have a chance for a full meal there. Great atmosphere, good and interesting wines by the glass, rustic small plates, not expensive, casual and fun. We had an excellent terrine, as I recall.

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Strongly agree with recommendations for Villaret - I've had lunch there twice now and great both times. Unfancy but very well done modernised classic food. First time I had a langoustine bisque with chorizo and a poulet fermeire leg with girolles, second a cuttlefish salad and a galette of pig's trotter with ceps. They love mushrooms and do great things with them... The trotter was great too, a crispy crispy cake on the outside filled with wonderfully gooey and gelatinous trotter meat. Food goes from pan to table in about 20 seconds from what I can tell too - the second time i was sitting quite near the kitchen and heard my friend's tuna leave the pan and the cook ring for service virtually simulataneously, and the food was with us seconds later. A nice feeling that small restaurants can really do well.


Love the cheese too, they bring a little cabinet and leave it on the table. Not the best quality I've ever had but nice and a good range. Almost can't believe the value at 25 euros for the 3 course prix fixe.

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L'os à Moelle is still good after all these years. La Cave is also fun, and the food is family style.


Le Pré Verre is very nice as well. They have a very good wine list that's moderately priced, and from interesting appellations beyond the standards.


I adore Le Meurice. Have had many a good meal there. Orik, sorry to hear about your experience. You might have just caught them on a bad day. Sent Manresa's chef de cuisine there and he had a great meal too, just last week even.

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Hmm, maybe, but of all the meals of the last trip it was the only one I wouldn't happily repeat, more because there was nothing memorable about it than because anything was particularly wrong (well, I think the turbot dish was quite wrong, but that's subjective).


Also, service fell apart after they learned the editor of some magazine (Bon Appetit?) was there... felt too much like a restaurant in the US, possibly due to the captain spending some time at L'Orangerie.

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Would that I could be there with you.


I've been hanging around seeing what others had to say. My complete list is just too damned long to be of any real use.


The most popular (read "most written-about in books, web-sites, blogs, and food forums") include l'Ami Jean, le Troquet, l'Avant Gout, Chez Michel, l'Entredgue, l'Ourcine, l'Epi Dupin (on a down-slope), Cafe Constant, le Pre Verre, le Repaire de Cartouche, and l'Os à Moelle (along with its nearby Cave). All of them are excellent in their own ways.


Add (less written-about): Les Allobroges (truly outstanding, but in the distance of the 20th), C'Amelot (perhaps tipping downward), l'Affrolé (fine bistrot hard by l'Ami Jean on rue Malar), le Machon d'Henri (on rue Guisarde in the 6th, a street full of interesting bistrots), Chez Casimir (sibling and neighbor of Chez Michel), à la Biche au Bois (long time favorite of mine, huge portions of excellent bistrot fare), Villeret (first recommended to me by Marc Cosnard de Closets, the Foodhunter, and which I've heartily endorsed ever since).


You can find any of these on google.fr (perhaps not on google.com, though) to find hours, phone, and address.


You're going to be in Paris during game season, and l'Ami Jean, Biche au Bois, and others of a gamy slant will have (depending on the exact season) marcassin (boar), sanglier (baby boar), canard sauvage (wild duck), colombe (dove), biche (roe doe), chevereuil (roebuck), perdreau and perdrix (young and mature partridge), and/or other wonderful stuff. Were I there in that time, perhaps that's all I'd eat. It's certainly a rare opportunity to eat stuff not to be had anywhere in the US except perhaps in a few private clubs.


If you're interested in even less well-known places, I'll try to post some notes about Dix Vins, L'Ami Marcel, Le Barricou, L'Abadache, Bistrot Paul Bert, maybe others. Overwhelming, of course. You'll have to emulate me and stay three months or so.

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This is excellent Maurice, thanks. I'll be there for two weeks, not your required three months, but that will give me some opportunity to try some, several, plenty of your recommendations. Thanks for the heads up on the game season. Lots of stuff there I have never seen on a menu and that I'll be inclined to try.


Please feel free to provide more information on "Dix Vins, L'Ami Marcel, Le Barricou, L'Abadache, Bistrot Paul Bert, maybe others." This is very useful and welcome information.


Thanks again.

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Special mention also to La Cave at L'Os a Moelle.  It's  a wine bar with small plates of food, menu changes daily

Has 'La Cave' changed their format?!?! That would be a shame IMO. When I visited a couple years ago, there were terrines/pates on the table and a couple pots on the stove and desserts and cheese nearby and you helped yourself to whatever and how much you pleased.


FWIW, if you're a fan of food of the southwest (France, that is) Sud Ouest Monceau (17th arr.) fulfilled my dreams of the perfect rustic French meal...

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Thanks for all the posts to this board. As with Miguel, my wife and I will be in Paris for a few days in early October before and after a canal barge week in Alsace and would very much appreciate any restaurant recommendations you could make.


To help with our taste, we love Les Zygomates (but not their newer Zygotissoire). We also like Fontaine de Mars, and will again enjoy Le Bar du Caveau (pl Dauphine, Cite) for lunch. A decade ago, I enjoyed Le Petit Villiers (M Wagram) for their good French standards, although recent reviews give me some pause about returning. Polidor has been uneven in my experience, but the lentil soup with foie gras is always a delight.


We will be staying on R. des Ecoles in the 5th, but using the Metro is no problem. We would be most appreciative if you could recommend a resto or 2 for us to try.


We'll be at Deheillerin to shop; is the Onion Soup at au Pied still up to par?

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