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Mexican Cooking Project #8

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I invited friends to dinner for Friday night, without a clue of what I might cook. Last evening, I found myself in front of the meat case at my local groceria, trawling for ideas, when what to my wond

What an absolutely lovely table, a delicious feast. Your guests are so fortunate!   And thanks for the invitation. I'll be briefly in Vermont in late March, all other things being equal. Maybe we

Follow-up...   Dinner was quite tasty. I had way too much liquid. That's okay because it tasted great. I simply ladled off a bunch of the cooking liquid six hours later and in a cast-iron skillet,

Nice to know there are decent gringo-produced tortillas available. Maybe I'll try them sometime.

I use a round cast iron griddle as a comal, too. I can get three or four single tortillas on it at once (edges of each slopping over the side of the comal to facilitate turning), but if you stack another layer of tortillas on top of the layer already on the comal, you can do double the amount at once. When the first side of the layer on the comal is heated, I flip the stack of two so that the first side of the second tortilla is toasting. Then I pick up both tortillas, turn the stack inside out, and toast the backsides of both. Voilá, 8 tortillas at once in the napkin instead of 4. Works great.

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Made carnitas yesterday using mostly Jaymes's recipe. I did use milk. Didn't get around to eating it yesterday, but today it is delicious! Thanks again, Jaymes!


ETA: I cooked it in my new cheapo slow cooker and finished it under the broiler in the toaster oven.

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