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A step in the right direction. Expect articles on the different producers, grades, etc. in the next few weeks:



one of my most face in palm moments was when I had the opportunity to do a tasting of different producers, regions, and muscles from the ham at Jamonissimo in Barcelona. Especially the differences between muscles + regions. Producers I figured would be different.

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You can do a depressing version by trying the pata negra and the serrano at pata negra, and then heading over to ssam bar for benton's, or an optimistic version by doing it the other way around.

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Where does Pata Negra get their hams? Sounds like I need to swing by.


I recently had some Joselito Iberico de Bellota Gran Reserva that wowed me. Cinta Senese salami wasn't bad either.

well assuming its legal its Fermin no? Given they always have the Pata Negra I doubt its snuck in

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Good point.


Benton's is fine, but, yeah, no comparison.

what meat speakeasy did you have the Joselito in? (Imagines USDA Elliot Ness type)


There's an idea I could get behind.


If memory serves, and it likely doesn't, Robuchon served up some illicit ham upon opening in NY.


Unfortunately for us, the Joselito was in Italy.

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I am not sure if it is different in the US but in Spain Joselito does not use the name "de bellota" only "reserva" and "gran reserva". They removed themselves from the DO for political reasons even though their product far outstrips the strict regulations. This was last year so it may have changed


the issue is not just so much with the supply. Fermin is a very good product, but hampered by poor care taken in restaurants, bad carving and low turnover.



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