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Long Hot Peppers

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totally compulsive purchase: while on farmers market i couldn't resist those beauties especially after i took a bite and was impressed by their sweet and true chili taste: i have the vague idea of pickling them so i bought the amount that should fit into a mason jar or maybe some kind of chili jam, but i would like to hear other suggestions. My only experience is with the green version of long hot peppers and they can be quite hot.



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They kinda look like fresh banana peppers, only they're red (duh). Pickling should be good. With fresh banana peppers I like to roast them, skin them and then use them on pizzas, sandwiches, basically anywhere you'd use a canned banana pepper.

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i went quite diligently through a lot of books trying to identify the kind - the closest pictorial match was peperoncino from Norman's Herbs&Spices book.

Now guided by the italian theme i cracked the latest Batali's book open and made marinated grilled chanterelles with chilies, red onion, lemon and watercress.




there is a couple of interesting italian recipes in River Cafe's books, to use the rest of peppers.

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Guest Suzanne F

Before I post, I have to wipe the drool off my keyboard. :wub:


Okay: at Match we made a Red Chili Chutney:

- roasted *red finger peppers* (just coat with olive oil, a little S&P, spread on a baking sheet and roast until soft; peel, split open and seed after)

- roasted tomatoes (olive oil, garlic cloves, lemon thyme)

- roasted shallots (roasted in the skins and squeezed out)

- roasted garlic (ditto)


all ground together (KitchenAid grinder attachment) and mixed with fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, and evoo.


This accompanied beef fillet.

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And now Kirsten's housemate, Jasmine, weighs in on the peppers: "They look like a form of cayenne, maybe a milder version of a true cayenne if they were sweet. They could also be a paprika pepper which would have a hint of heat but more sweet than anything."


They look much like the cayennes: maybe I have a photo of them somewhere.

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